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Guess the Capital – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop social studies students’ knowledge of the United States capitals. Instructional Objective: Students will identify, recall the U.S. capitals, and prepare a presentation that describes one particular capital. Step 1: Students will study the state capitals, making flashcards with the StudyBlue app. Step 2: Students will use the Google app to research two state capitals assigned to them ...

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RoundUp July 2016 – Summer Time Learning Blues

Aw, summer time. The time of year when we take a deep breath, relax, join curriculum planning teams, and prepare for the upcoming school year. As we sip our lemonade and reflect on a year’s worth of teaching and learning, the dreaded thought of students not rehearsing the knowledge and skills they gained during the year may become a reality. ...

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RoundUp June 2016 – Easy-to-Use Websites

Do you prefer tools that are efficient, straightforward, and get the job done? We like them, too. This month, App Ed Review has curated four of our favorite easy-to-use websites for your classroom! Penzu might just be the easiest-to-use website for writing ever created! The Penzu website links with the both its iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad and ...

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RoundUp May 2016 – Chemistry Tools

Think chemistry can’t be taught using instructional technology? Think again. This month, we’re sharing four of our favorite chemistry resources for creating reactions, safely mixing volatile chemicals in virtual labs, learning elemental symbols/facts, and directing students through in-class experiments. Your students will go Ba.Na.Na.S. for these Dy.N.Am.I.Te. C.He.M.I.S.T.R.Y. apps and website! As part of our review process, every app analyzed ...

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Fitness Trackers – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop students’ dietary understanding and physical fitness. Instructional Objective: Students will be able to track what they eat, create a physical activity schedule, and analyze how to make healthier choices. Step 1: Students will use the Fooducate app to input everything they eat and drink for a week. Step 2: Students will use the 7 Minute Workout app ...

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