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Review Requests

Dear App Developers and Promoters,

Because we receive multiple app review requests weekly, we are unable to honor all of them. If you would like us to review an app, we offer two options.

Type Standard App Review Deluxe App Review
  • Original App Description
  • Instructional Ideas
  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Indexed in Database
  • Download Link
  • App Demonstration Video
  • Inclusion in an App Lesson
  • Original App Description
  • Instructional Ideas
  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Indexed in Database
  • Download Link
Price $19.99 $29.99


Teachers, teacher educators, pre-service teachers, students, parents, and professional developers visit our website daily to find the app that is right for them. By listing your app with us, the thousands of educational stakeholders who visit us monthly will be able to find it.

To have your app reviewed and posted to our website, please choose one of the following developer’s subscription plans:

After placing an order, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Email of the subscriber
  2. Name of the app
  3. Link to the app in iTunes, Window’s App Store, or Google Play
  4. Promo Code (paid apps only)
  5. Social Media contact information (optional)

Once this information is received, an email confirming we have received the request and all the information will be sent. The app will be reviewed within 10 business days.

Please note, we always uphold to the guidelines set forth in our Integrity Promise.

Integrity Promise

App Ed Review is dedicated to producing and posting the highest quality educational app reviews for educators. To ensure we are able to pay our expenses, we do accept payment to review apps. We understand this situation could lead to a potential conflict of interest; therefore, we make the following pledge:

  • Any financial support received from app developers or companies will not influence our review of their apps or products;
  • Once a review is posted, comments from app developers, promotes, and companies about the review will not result in changes to the review;
  • App developers and companies must agree to our Integrity Promise before we accept payment or donations to review their apps and products;
  • Any information we gain about our users will remain confidential and will never be sold; and,
  • Serving the needs of educators and students will always come first.