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3 Surefire Ways of Protecting Kids from Online Threats

By Julian Smith (December 20, 2019)

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With advanced technology, electronic gadgets have since become part of our everyday life. As such, most kids use them to surf the internet or play their favorite games. For this reason, most parents are soliciting ways to ensure internet safety for kids. Luckily, there are various methods of ensuring your kid’s online safety.

  1. Educate them on cybercrime

Awareness plays a crucial role in preventing an attack. As such, parents must educate their children on the many ways used to plan an attack, fake ads, faulty threats, and spam emails. You should also inform kids about images that may appear appealing but can result in many problems once clicked. More so, instruct them to notify you if they accidentally download malware.

  1. Control filtering

Ensuring your kid’s online safety is crucial; for this reason, filter websites that you won’t want them to access. There are different internet parental controls to enable you to achieve this. Such apps can also watch what your teen does online. However, if you find out that your child tries to access restricted websites, persuade them to exchange their phone for cash and use the money to acquire other valuables.

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  1. Maintain privacy

Train your kid to maintain some level of privacy online by being watchful of what they post on social media regarding themselves and their location. Besides, child internet usage statistics 2018 says that most kids spent most of their time online, and this exposes them to different online threats.

Final thoughts

There are different tips for protecting your child online, and it’s your role to safeguard your child’s safety online. So, educate them on cybercrime, restrict websites with adult content, and teach your kid to maintain privacy online.

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