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5 Best Apps To Scan; Manage Your Receipts

Holding physical receipts whether it is for business expense management, tax purposes, or personal budget interest can be costly and tiresome to your business. But with the current technology, there are advancements made for financial apps and image recognition designed to assist you in keeping tracks of your receipts by use of either your smartphone or desktop. That is why in the article below, we focus on some of the top note keeping apps that can both scan and manage your script with tracking capabilities. It includes;

Zoho Expense

These are one of the Zoho’s suites of software and expense-tracking apps with inbuilt text recognition and receipt management. These features make it essential for receipt management and allow you to track your expenses like mileage. Also, the software has a free plan that gives you 100 free scans in a month; it implies it has a large allowance compared to the other limiting OCR scans receipts apps. Moreover, its scanning capabilities are fast and accurate that generates information from a receipt in a minute or less and available for Android and iOS systems.


Being one of the most popular apps to scan and manage receipts, it allows you to capture receipts, generate mileage reports, and import credit card. Its popularity was brought about due to its expense submission features and financial statement simplified by entering recipients email address while submitting reports. More so, the software has a free plan of 5 scans per month, but for unlimited scans and extra features, it allows you to upgrade to a paid plan in the app. The app is available for Android and iOS operating system for perfect functionality.


It’s well known for being a general note taking app but a useful receipt storage app as it is capable of recognising images with texts. It is essential to those who need to keep their receipts recorded but not generate expense reports. It allows you to scan your image gallery with text and also take receipts images to store. Its features make it a physical receipt scanner as it digitalises the physical documents that you capture through your camera. It also notifies you while taking the photo of a receipt or document and asks you for permission to store it. It implies that it is an efficient scanner and receipt manager as it is the best when it comes to receipt sorting by use of labels. Hence, it’s free software for both Android and iOS with more organisational features.

Receipts by waves for business

As the title suggests, it is a business tracking tool for tracking and scanning receipts. The app allows you to search for receipts in your phone gallery thus making it an outstanding feature. Its scanning capabilities are beneficial that you do not need to spend lots of time editing your receipt information. If you are looking for free software with an unlimited number of scans each month, then receipts by waves are good to go. If you wish to manage the receipts after submission, then you must log in to the wave website for it to function. The business expense tracking tool is fit for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Google lens/photos

You can use the Google integration of Google photos app or a Google assistant to manage your receipts by the use of Google lenses. It allows you to discover any information about any picture currently integrated to Google photos for all android users. If you are using the assistant, use the command ‘show me my scripts’ to generate the list of your receipts. For Google photos, type receipts in the search bar and the images will bring out any pictures of receipts. Although the apps cannot generate reports, they can help you manage your receipts photos which makes it more convenient as they are a pre-installed app for all Android devices. It implies that you do not have to download more apps for them to function.

The apps also allow you to scan the photos thus can scan the receipts. It’s scanning capability is made possible by the availability of downloadable Google lens, photos and assistant which are free for Android and iOS operating systems. Each one of them is also downloadable in the pdf format to avoid incurring more charges for there services

From the descriptions above, although all of the five apps can scan and manage your receipts, some tend to work faster than the other. But, the apps are essential for your daily life and business all you need to know is how suitable are the apps for the services you want.