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5 Must-Have Apps on Any Smartphone

Guy on phone by Andrea Piacquadio

The right apps on your smartphone will not just expand its capabilities, but they will also add to your entertainment and convenience. Obviously, everyone has different preferences and favorites, but at the end of the day, some apps simply cannot miss from your device.

Here are the must-have apps on any smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

Brave Privacy Browser

Everyone has their own favorite browser – some people stick to default browsers, others install third parties. But then, while not as popular as others, one browser stands out in the crowd – Brave. This privacy browser is designed with your protection and privacy in mind.

To help you get an idea, it has built in ad blockers, as well as blockers for scripts, random cookies and popups. It also has the HTTPS extension, so your web connections are perfectly secure. It is light on the system and features a minimal – yet attractive – design.

The browser is free to use and features a bunch of extensions as well.


There are plenty of messenger applications out there, but WhatsApp is probably the most popular one. It has an impressive user base and has certainly grown over the past decade. You can make free calls, video calls, send text messages, audio messages and so on. You can even take it to your computer.

The app is owned by Facebook. While Facebook may not have too much popularity when it comes to privacy, the app is encrypted and secured by the masterminds behind Signal – a different, yet similar application. Believe it or not, in some countries, WhatsApp is the primary messaging service.

It is more popular than classic text messages too – mostly because of its convenience. Do you like playing games on your smartphone? If that is the case, you should try skill-based apps for gaming. You will have a blast!


Pictures are part of your daily lives now. Whether it comes to pictures on holiday, artistic pictures for your Instagram account or perhaps something qualitative to share on other networks, Snapseed is just one of the numerous photo editing apps – available to both Android and iOS users.

What makes Snapseed unique is the fact that it has pretty much any image tweaking tool you can imagine. You will find more or less professional tools, all sorts of effects, color adjustment tools and even object removal features. With so much variety, editing a photo may take hours.

However, you can also apply one of the numerous filters and come up with a good result within seconds. The app is updated on a constant basis with cool filters and all types of other features, this is why you should make sure to get the latest updates. Especially since updating apps on Android is not complicated at all.


IFTTT may not be the most popular app for smartphones out there, but once you get used to it, it will become your favorite. So, what does it do? Standing for If This Then That, the app aims to automate numerous services, programs and apps on your device. If something happens, you can set a reaction.

This way, you can mix together social media applications, hardware devices, various online services, smart home devices and so on. For instance, you can change the wallpaper on a daily basis. You can backup text messages to your email or perhaps post on more social networks simultaneously.

You might as well get the device to turn off the Wi-Fi once you leave the house.


You do not necessarily need to be a busy businessperson to use Evernote. You can scribble memos, come up with schedules, write down thoughts and notes – pretty much anything you need for further reading or planning.

Evernote has been around for over a decade and despite its age, it has been constantly updated based on the latest requirements in terms of technology, so it has managed to stay in trends. It makes the difference in terms of organization and allows labeling and tagging pretty much everything.

Another good news is it can sync over more devices.

Bottom line, these must-have apps are likely to expand the capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. They are suitable for all kinds of people, regardless of what you do or what you are interested in. Plus, they are free, yet some of them come with premium subscriptions as well.