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Dino Tim

Dino Tim: Gamifying Counting Skills

Dino Tim is a gamified approach to teaching counting skills. Once users load the app and enter their age, they are able to choose either the “Easy” or “Normal” mode. Multiple screens then appear that present an image-based storyline, and users must tap the “Play” button to advance through them. The app will then present users with multiple-choice math problems ...

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Monster Numbers

Math Numbers: Gamifying Math Learning for Your Students!

Monster Numbers is an interactive, gamified approach to learning foundational mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. After launching the app, a storyline is presented to users that explains that they are helping the main character in the game to repair his spacecraft by correctly solving math problems. Next, the app’s main menu loads, and users can click ...

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Math Land: Mental Arithmetic

Mathland is a gamified approach to developing and reinforcing math skills. After launching the app, users are asked to enter their birth year. Next, the game loads the user’s avatar on an island, and users are taught how to navigate their avatar in the game to collect coins, jump over objects, interact with other characters, and complete challenges. As users ...

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Image of gabriel's seeds

Gabriel Seeds: A Tool for Making Apps!

Free! Gabriel Seeds is designed to allow users to create their own apps. To begin, users will need to register with the website. Next, a welcome message will appear with a link to a manual. It is very important users access the manual, as it will provide step-by-step instructions for designing apps in this website. As users follow the manual, ...

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mega seating plan

Mega Seating Plan: An Essential for Classroom Management

Freemium! Mega Seating Plan allows users to customize seating charts for their classroom and students. To begin, users must load the website and then register for free. Once registered, Mega Seating Plan provides users with a step-by-step tutorial that guides them through loading their first class roster. (If users wish to skip the tutorial, they can click the “Class Lists” ...

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Robots4STEM: A Website for Computer Programming

Paid! Robots4STEM is a multi-level, online experience designed for users to learn an array of computer skills, from digital citizenship through the basics of computer programming. After registering with the website, users are assigned an avatar that will represent them as they complete the different missions, or tutorials, that can be accessed by clicking them on the left side of ...

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PaleoEarth: Learn about the Earth’s Time Periods & Land Masses

PaleoEarth provides users with a global perspective of how the earth’s land masses have moved over time. After launching the app, users are presented with a map of the globe that they can control by dragging their finger across it. As they do, users are able to view the different land masses. At the bottom of the screen, the app ...

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Kioza: A Handy Slideshow Movie Maker and Collage Tool!

Freemium! Kizoa is a website that allows users to create slideshow movies and collages. After registering and logging into the website, users need to first select the type of project they wish to create by choosing either the “Movie Maker” or “Collage Maker” tab on the top of the screen. Next, users will need to decide if they wish to ...

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News in Levels

News in Levels: A Differentiated Reading Resource for ELLs

Free! News in Levels is a website that provides current event stories at differing levels of reading complexity for English Language Learners. After launching the website, it presents users with several news headlines and dropdown menus at the top of a screen. To select an article, users can either click on a story directly located on the website’s main page ...

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Rhyme Zone: A Tool for Your Rhyming (and Shakespearean) Needs!

Free! Rhyme Zone is a language resource that first functions as a rhyming dictionary and includes additional language search options. To begin, users must enter a word or phrase into the search box and choose the type of result they wish to receive. Rhyme Zone will then provide a list of related words and/or phrases to users, and users can ...

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