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Free! is a classic dictionary in an online format. After launching the website, users can type a word in the search box at the top of the screen and click the “Magnifying Glass” icon. The website will then provide the definition of the word, its origin, related words, examples of the words in use, a pronunciation of the word, ...

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genius song lyrics

Genius: Helping to Interpret Song Lyrics

Free! Genius is a website that provides interpretations for song lyrics and lets users propose their own interpretations as well as reading trending news from the music industry. To view the interpretation of a song’s lyrics, users can type in the name of a song, musician, or keyword in the box on the top left. Next, Genius will report will ...

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Fotor: The Online Editing Tool That’s Revolutionizing Photo Editing

Freemium! Fotor is a website designed to resize, crop, and enhance photos. To begin, users must launch the website and then choose the “Edit” option. A workspace will load, and users can begin editing an image by clicking the “Open” button and selecting the photo they wish to edit. At this point, users can click the different options on the ...

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Photo Effects with Drive

Photo Effects with Drive: Filtering Photos Straight to Your Drive

Free! Photo Effects with Drive allows users to upload an image and modify it using different filters. When finished, the image will automatically be saved to the user’s Google Drive or it can be downloaded to their computer. To begin, users will need to launch the website. Next, users will need to choose the image they wish to convert. (The ...

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find music by lyrics

Find Music By Lyrics: A Search Engine Dedicated to Songs

Free! Find Music by Lyrics is a search engine specifically for song lyrics. To begin, users simply need to launch the website and then type in a lyric, keyword(s), artist, or song title. The website will then report a list of songs that match, in part or whole, to those search terms. Users can then click on the songs listed ...

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Google Sites

Google Sites: An Online Platform for the “G” Suite!

Free! Google Sites allows users to create their own website with a template-like structure. To begin, users will need to download the Google Site app to their Google Drive (New > More > Connect More Apps > Search for Google Sites). Users can then create their website by clicking the “New” option followed by “More” and then selecting the “Google ...

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ViewPure: Removing Distracting Ads from Online Videos

Free! ViewPure is a website that allows users to stream videos without ads. Simply, users first have to locate a video online. Next, they need to copy the video’s URL and paste it into ViewPure’s search box. ViewPure will then play the video without ads. Users can also locate a video with ViewPure. To do so, they will need to ...

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Sutori: Create and share visual stories

Freemium! Sutori allows users to customize and share stories, and users can add images, text, questions, and more to their stories! To begin, users must register with Sutori, and then they can begin building their first story! (Please note, this review will focus on the free version of Sutori.) At this point, the user’s dashboard appears and they can click ...

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teach starter

Teach Starter: Working to Make Every Classroom Buzz!

Free! Teach Starter is a comprehensive website of resources, games, lessons, and more that teacher users can explore, and the website’s content is arranged using multiple categories. For instance, the “Common Core” section lets users seek a variety of resources by grade level, and each resource is aligned to the standards. Once loaded, users can select to focus their search ...

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pear deck

Pear Deck: A Needed Piece of EdTech for Presentations

Freemium! Pear Deck is designed to integrate activities and questions into a presentation. To begin, users will need to log into Pear Deck using their Google credentials or sign in with their email. Next, a dashboard will load, and users can click the “New” button and then select the “Slide Deck” option to begin creating their presentation. At this point, ...

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