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Literably: Automating Miscue Analysis and Running Records

Freemium! Literably is a website designed for analyzing student reading using running records and miscue analysis. To begin, teachers need to launch the Literably website and register by entering in their information (e.g., name and password), student information, and grade level. At this point, the teacher’s dashboard will open, and all the students who were enrolled in the class when ...

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Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor: Working to Automate Running Records

Trial! Fluency Tutor by Google is a web app for Chrome that allows teachers to create classes in the app or import classes from Google Classroom and then assign students enrolled in the class reading passages. Once assigned, students can use tools to support their reading of the passage before recording themselves reading it. To begin, teachers must download the ...

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Kloop: Your Go-To App for Finding, Storing, & Sharing Online Articles

Kloop is designed to support users in searching, locating, storing, and sharing online materials. After launching Kloop and registering it with a Twitter or Facebook account, users can tap the “Read” button on the bottom of the screen to view headlines for trending news articles. When users see a headline of interest, they can tap it to view the full ...

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Brainy Quotes

Brainy Quotes: A Database of Sayings at Your Disposal

Free! Brainy Quotes is a comprehensive database of quotes and sayings. After launching the website, users can search for quotes by Topics, Authors, or current events. Plus, users can always enter a keyword into the search box and locate quotes that way. In addition, users can click the “Quote of the Day” and the “Pictures” options on the top of ...

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CommonLit: A Top Notch Website for Reading!

Free! CommonLit is a learning management system designed to support students’ reading development. To begin, teacher users must register with the website and then create a class. To do so, teacher users must click the “My Dashboard” option and then click the “Create a New Class” option. At this point, teacher users can import a class from Google Classroom or ...

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Edulastic: A Standards-Based Assessment Tool

Free! Edulastic is a web-based tool for creating assessments and assigning them to students. To begin, teacher users must launch the website and register as a teacher. (This process requires that the school where the teacher works is registered with Edulastic.) Next, the dashboard loads, and teachers should click the “Create New Class” option. They will then be asked to ...

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DesignEvo: A Tool for Creative Projects

Free! DesignEvo is a website for creating logos. To begin, users must launch the website and then click the “Make a Logo for Free” button. A workspace will then load, and users can create their logo by first searching for an image by entering a search term in the “Icon” box. DesignEvo will then load images that match the term, ...

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The Pink Trombone

The Pink Trombone: A Tool for the Music Classroom

Free! The Pink Trombone is a voice synthesizer tool that allows users to make sounds by positioning the tongue in different areas of the mouth. After launching the website, users can click on the tongue and drag it to hear how the tongue’s placement affects the sound that is produced. In addition, the synthesizer provides an overview of the nasals, ...

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Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training: A Must-Have for the Language Learning Classroom

Free! Lyrics Training is a website designed to use lyrics in a way that supports second language acquisition. After loading the website, users can locate songs by genre, language, or by searching using the tools at the top of screen. Users can also scroll down the homepage to view songs by Top Lyrics, Now Playing, and New Lyrics. After users ...

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Screencastify: Merging Screencasting with Google Drive

Freemium! Screencastify is a web extension that allows users to create screencasts with their computer, and the software automatically saves the finished video to the user’s Google Drive. After adding the web extension to their Google Chrome browser, users can click the extension’s icon in the upper right side of the screen. Once the icon is clicked, users can adjust ...

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