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Website Image of Pixabay

Pixabay – Royalty Free Images

Free! Pixabay is a database of royalty free images users can download at no cost. To begin, users must load the website and then enter a search term. Pixabay will then search its database for images of the search term, and users can sort the findings with the filter options on the top of the screen. Once users find an ...

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logo of FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp – Learn to Code and Help Nonprofits

Free! FreeCodeCamp is a website that provides tutorials users can complete to learn coding following an established curriculum. After launching the website, users must click the “Start Coding (it’s free)” button. They will then be able to register with the website using their email. Once registered, users can sign into the website and click the “Maps” button on the top ...

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Logo for the Kayak Website

Kayak – A Website for Travel Planning

Free! Kayak is a travel website that lets users book airplane flights, make hotel accommodations, and reserve car rentals. Kayak also provides a “Packages” option that lets users bundle flights, hotels, an/or car rentals together, and the website is dynamic in that it searches multiple websites for the best deal. To begin, users will need to select if they want ...

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Homepage for – A Tool for Management

Free! is a customizable, digital chart that allows teachers to add specific students and rewards. To begin, teachers will need to navigate to the website, enter in the student’s names, and their email address. The website will then create a chart with the student’s name and goal. Teachers can click the stars in the chart as students work towards ...

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Logo of NotebookCast


Free! NotebookCast is a free, online whiteboard that multiple users can engage in real time. To begin, users will first need to register with the website. At this point, users can click the “Create an online whiteboard” button and enter information for their board (e.g., Nick Name and the board’s size, title, and description). The whiteboard will then load, and ...

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Logo for Kids Rewards

Kids Rewards – An Easy-to-Use Online Behavior Chart

Free! Kids Rewards is an online chart that teachers can customize for specific goals, rewards, and students. To begin, teachers will need to register with the website and then log in. Next, teachers can click the “Add Kid” button on the top right of the screen and then individually enter each of their students into the chart. At this point, ...

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This is the LearnBoost Logo

LearnBoost – A Free Online Gradebook, Attendance Record & Lesson Planning Tool

Free! LearnBoost is a completely free grade book, attendance, and lesson planning tool designed for teachers and students. To begin, teachers will need to register with the website and then move through the introductory tour. Once completed, teachers will be able to create their first class by clicking the “Add a Class” button on their dashboard and entering in the ...

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A screenshot of My Attendance Tracker's homepage

My Attendance Tracker – A Tool for Recording Student Attendance & More!

Freemium! My Attendance Tracker is designed for teachers to record their students’ attendance and grades. To begin, teachers must register with the website and then complete a simple questionnaire to create their first class. After adding students during the setup process, teachers can click the “Home” button on the top left of the screen, and the website will show them ...

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A logo for LiveSchool

LiveSchool – Helping to Document Classroom Behaviors

Free! LiveSchool is a classroom management website that allows teachers to input and track student behavior in real time. To begin, teachers need to register with the website and a dashboard view will then appear. To add students, teachers will need to click the “Setup” button followed by the “Students” option and then add students by clicking the “+New” button ...

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This is the logo for Web 2.0 Calc

Web 2.0 Calc – A Free Online Calculator

Free! Web 2.0 Calc provides users with an array of math tools. First, users can access a scientific calculator when loading the website or by clicking the “Home” button. Users can then input data into the calculator, and it will compute the answer. If users have a particular math question they need help to answer, they can click the “Forum” ...

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