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Free! Funbrain consists of different games and activities users complete online that teach foundational reading and math skills. Using the icons on the top right of the screen, users can tap the “Games” button to and then select a game that focuses on a math or reading skill. After clicking the “Games” button, users are able to browse the games, ...

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Logo for Canva

Canva ~ A Tool for Creating Infographics

Freemium! Canva allows users to create infographics by first selecting and then customizing a template. To begin, users must register with the website and then login. Once logged in, users can begin creating their infographic by clicking the “Create a Design” button on the left side of the screen. Multiple categories of templates will then be previewed, and the categories ...

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Logo for Renderforest

Renderforest ~ Making Movies and Videos is Awesome!!

Freemium! Renderforst allows users to create and share videos. To begin, users will need to register with the website, login, and then click the “Get Started” button. Users are then to select a template for their video, and Renderforest offers several options. Users can click a template to preview it and click the “Create” button to use it. Renderforest will ...

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Logo of Up-Goer Five Text Editor

Up-Goer Five Text Editor ~ A Website for Notes and Vocabulary

Free! The Up-Goer Five Text Editor challenges users to express their thoughts with only the 1,000 most commonly used words. Users simply have to type their statement into the box provided, and the website will indicate which words are not included in the 1,000 most commonly used words. After typing their text, users can copy and paste it easily into ...

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logo for bioman

Bioman ~ Adding Some Gameplay to the Science Classroom

Free! Bioman is a website that uses gamification to engage students in scientific learning. To begin, users will need to click a game category from the left of the screen, and games will load. Users can then read a description of the game and, if interested, click its title to play it. As users play a game, they will be ...

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Logo for Timeglider

Timeglider ~ A Timeline Creation Web App!

Freemium! Timeglider allows users to create detailed timelines. After registering with the website, users will need to click the “Timelines” button on the top left of the screen and then choose the “New Timeline” option. Users are then prompted to title it, describe it, and provide a duration for timeline along with additional information. The timeline will then appear in ...

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Logo Free Translation

Free Translation ~ A Tool for ELLs

Free! Free Translation is a tool that lets users translate one language to another language. To begin, users must first choose the language they wish to enter using the dropdown box on the top left of the screen. (If the language they wish to enter is different from the language they wish to translate, users can click the “Keyboard” icon ...

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logo of Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Free! The Weather Prediction Center’s Meteorological Conversions and Calculators lets users enter data to convert and calculate weather-related variables. After launching the website, users must first choose the type of conversion or calculation they wish to make and click on it. A new webpage will then load, and users can input data into it followed by the “Convert” or “Calculate” ...

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Logo of Musicality

Musicality – An Inventory of Musical Abilities

Free! Musicality is an inventory that analyzes users’ musical abilities, including those they have and those they want to develop. To begin, users must first launch the website and click the “Start” button to access the inventory. They are then asked for their name and if they play an instrument. Users then answer 18 questions regarding their musical abilities, specifically ...

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Logo for Tone Deaf Test

The Tone Deaf Test

Free! The Tone Deaf Test is a website that uses three question types to determine if an individual is tone deaf. To begin, users must launch the website and then click the “Test Sound” button to ensure their computer or device is playing the sound. Next, users must tap the “Start” button. They will then be asked if they play ...

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