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Sushi Monster

[ios_app id=”512651258″] Sushi Monster is a game-based math app that builds users’ addition and multiplication skills.  In the game, users are given a series of target numbers and a set of sushi numbers. To advance levels, users must correctly add or multiply the sushi numbers to align with the target numbers in order to feed the Sushi Monster, and users ...

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Netter’s Anatomy Atlas (Free)

[ios_app id=”457575880″] Netter’s Anatomy Atlas displays a map of the human body’s regions and systems. When engaging the app, users can view both drawings and x-rays of the human anatomy that are clearly labeled. Plus, users can annotate the drawings and x-rays by creating notes and using the app’s highlighting feature. Additionally, Netter’s Anatomy Atlas includes quizzes that users can take, ...

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WWF Together

[ios_app id=”581920331″] WWF Together (World Wildlife Fund) features high-quality information about endangered species such as giant pandas, elephants, and marine turtles. WWF Together allows users to access full reports where they can navigate through screens that display different facts about species to include factors that threaten their existence, a brief overview of the species’ history, and pictures of the species ...

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Phonics Genius

[ios_app id=”461659980″] Phonics Genius emphasizes specific letter sounds and letter blends when pronouncing words. For each sound that can be made using the English alphabet, Phonics Genius contains a virtual flashcard. Each flashcard contains a word’s spelling and a recorded pronunciation of the word that emphasizes a particular sound in the word; however, no images are included on the flashcards. ...

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Logo of educreations

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

[ios_app id=”478617061″] Educreations offers users a work area to design, record, and share video presentations. Using a format with functions similar to PowerPoint, Educreations allows users to personalize slides by inserting images, drawings, text, and their own narration. Additionally, users can save their presentation to their iPad, while a link to the saved recording can be shared via email or posted ...

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Logo of MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator ~ An Interactive Tool for the Math Classroom

[ios_app id=”578979413″] MyScript Calculator provides users with a work area to write a mathematical equation or problem with their finger, which is automatically converted to print and then solved by the app. If users write an incorrect equation or problem, MyScript Calculator prompts them to add the missing information. Please note: A “?” must be entered for a lettered variable ...

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Logo for Chicktionary

Chicktionary for iPad – A Tool for Spelling

[ios_app id=”365374807″] Chicktionary is a game-based spelling app with a barnyard theme that presents users with seven letters from which they are to create words. Points are scored upon successful creation of a word, based on its length of three to seven letters. At the end of a game, users have the option to view all words that could have ...

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Logo of Google Earth

Google Earth

[ios_app id=”293622097″] Google Earth offers users a unique map of the world. By engaging this app, users can search for specific addresses, points of interest, and geographic areas from across the globe, and then drop “pins” to bookmark specific locations. Lastly, Google Earth allows users the option to include roads, buildings, and borders on their maps, as well as link ...

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