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Best apps for article libraries

The apps included in this category give users access to large amount of content and knowledge that range across the curriculum. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for articles by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

W3Schools: A High-Quality Resource for Learning Code

The W3Schools is a website that provides support for users who are learning to code. After launching the website, users choose the coding language that meets their needs. There is an extensive library of options that are broken into categories: HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Server Side, Programming, Web Building, and XML Tutorials. Once users identify the support they need, they ...

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Get Schooled: Providing Resources for College Admissions

Free! Get Schooled is a resource to support users in preparing for college admissions and then success once enrolled in a university. After loading the website, its content is divided into topics (e.g., Student Success, College Prep, Pay for College, Life Schools, etc.) that appear on the left side of the screen. In addition, Get Schooled labels the content into ...

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Reading Eggs: A Comprehensive Literacy & Numeracy Program

Paid! Reading Eggs is a website (also available as an iOS app) that includes comprehensive reading and math programs for users aged 2-12, and it offers a free trial. To begin, parent/guardian users need to register with Reading Eggs and input information about their child user. Next, they have the option to view the content as an adult user or ...

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Learn to Code with Swift

Learn to Code with Swift provides users with lesson-based units for learning to code an iOS app. After downloading and launching the app, the dashboard will load, and users are supposed to complete each unit that is comprised of separate lessons – starting with “The Basics” unit and advancing all the way through “Your First iOS App” unit – in ...

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Lexile Framework for Reading: The Go-To Resource for Quantitative Text Complexity

Free! The Lexile Framework for Reading is an industry-standard in identifying the quantitative reading score for written texts, and it provides resources for parents, students, and teachers. To begin, users will need to register and then log into the website. It will then launch the home screen, and three resources for educators will load: Find Just the Right Books, Look ...

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Participate: An Online Community for Educators

Participate is a website full of resources for users who are teaching a variety of subjects, and it provides avenues for teachers who wish to interact together and engage professional development learning opportunities. To begin, users must register with Participate for free. Next, they will be taken to their home page, where they can click the Communities, Collections, Learning Products, ...

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Seeka: Global Course Finder

Seeka: Global Course Finder allows users to search for college-level courses across the world. After launching the app, users must create a profile to login, which requires their name, email, and password, or they can login using Facebook or Google Plus. Once users login, they will be presented with four options on the bottom of the screen. The “Home” button ...

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News in Levels

News in Levels: A Differentiated Reading Resource for ELLs

Free! News in Levels is a website that provides current event stories at differing levels of reading complexity for English Language Learners. After launching the website, it presents users with several news headlines and dropdown menus at the top of a screen. To select an article, users can either click on a story directly located on the website’s main page ...

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Teen Ink: The Classic Resource in Young Adult Writing

Free! Teen Ink is a comprehensive website dedicated to young adult writers and readers. After launching the website, users can click the buttons on the top and left side of the screen to navigate the website. The Magazine, Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction buttons allow users to read, vote for, and comment on pieces of writing composed by other young adult ...

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BookBrowse: A Giant Database of YA Lit Ready for You

Free! Book Browse is a database of book reviews that users can search. After launching the website, users simply have to enter a title, author, ISBN, or keyword into the search box and the website will report any matching content, including book reviews, author biographies, and related materials to the search terms. Users can then click on the content to ...

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