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Best apps for dictionary and glossary

The apps included in this category give users access to different dictionaries and glossaries that define key terms. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for language by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

Sign Me a Sentence Logo

Sign Me a Sentence – An App for Sign Language

Free! Sign Me a Sentence provides an introduction to American sign language. By engaging the app, users will learn short phrases and sentences communicated in sign. When loading the app, users will see three options: Videos, Game, and Sentences. To begin, users can click the “Video” tab on the bottom of the screen, and they will see a variety of ...

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Rhyme Zone: A Tool for Your Rhyming (and Shakespearean) Needs!

Free! Rhyme Zone is a language resource that first functions as a rhyming dictionary and includes additional language search options. To begin, users must enter a word or phrase into the search box and choose the type of result they wish to receive. Rhyme Zone will then provide a list of related words and/or phrases to users, and users can ...

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fraze it

Fraze It: A Creative Approach to Word Study

Free! Fraze It is an innovative website that functions as a dictionary. After launching the website, users type a word or phrase of interest into the search box. The website will then create a report for the word/phrase that includes multiple examples of it being used in context, a definition for it, synonyms for the word/phrase, images depicting the word/phrase, ...

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Dictionary.com: A Must-Have Reference for Everyone!

Free! Dictionary.com is a classic dictionary in an online format. After launching the website, users can type a word in the search box at the top of the screen and click the “Magnifying Glass” icon. The website will then provide the definition of the word, its origin, related words, examples of the words in use, a pronunciation of the word, ...

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Computer Hope

Free! Computer Hope offers a comprehensive glossary of terms related to computers, programming, and coding. To access it, users must launch the website and then click the “Dictionary” button on the top right of the screen. At this point, users can choose a term with the alphabetized list at the topic of the screen, or they can scroll down and ...

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Interactive Math Glossary

Free! Interactive Math Glossary by the Texas Education Agency contains premade Frayer word boxes for dozens of math terms. After launching the website, users can scroll through the math terms on the left side of the screen. When they come to a term of interest, users can click it to view a Frayer word box for that term.  In the ...

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Plate Tectonics Map

Free! The Plate Tectonics Map from the Earth & Environmental Sciences page from the University of Kentucky offers an animated view of continental drift theory. After loading the website, a map of the world is shown along with a brief commentary explaining plate tectonics. Users can then click the “Maps” button on the top of the page to view a ...

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PBS Building Labs

Free! PBS Building Labs lets users experience the ways that forces, loads, materials, and shapes impact the natural and manmade world. To begin, users have to choose a phenomenon to experience by clicking it along the top of the chart. Next, depending which phenomenon was selected, variables for how users can interact with it load, and users can select the ...

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Human Brain Cloud

Free! Human Brain Cloud is a game-based website that uses associations to show relationships between words. To begin, users are presented a word, and they are to type the first word that comes into their head related to that word. After doing so, users can click the word and the association they picked on the right to view its word ...

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Free! Google is the preeminent Internet search engine. With it, users can enter in a key word and the search engine will report content related to the key words. To find exact content, users can type a key term in the search field and choose the “Shopping” option to see products related to the term, the “Images” option to see ...

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