Environmental Study

Best apps for environmental information

The apps included in this category give users access to high quality information about the environment. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for science by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

PlantSnap Pro: Identify Plants

PlantSnap Pro: Identify Plants allows users to take a picture of a plant and use the app in order to identify it. To begin, users must install the app and proceed through its tutorial. They must also give the app permission to access their camera. At this point, users will be at the main screen, and they can tap the ...

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Expeditions: A VR/AR Experience!

Expedition is a collection of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expeditions. (An expedition is an AR or VR experience loaded into the app.) To engage the app, users must sign in with their Google account. The app’s main dashboard will then load, and users can search for specific expeditions by entering keywords (e.g., Antarctica, Ancient World of Syria, etc.) along ...

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Virtual Field Trips: Get Out in the World & Explore!

Virtual Field Trips by Arizona State University features over a dozen places users can visit through this website that includes the sites of Early Civilizations, Karijini Gorge, and Ancient Earth among others. In addition, there are plans to add future locations, such as Tectonics, Beyond Earth, and the Origins of Water. To access a field trip, users most load the ...

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teach starter

Teach Starter: Working to Make Every Classroom Buzz!

Free! Teach Starter is a comprehensive website of resources, games, lessons, and more that teacher users can explore, and the website’s content is arranged using multiple categories. For instance, the “Common Core” section lets users seek a variety of resources by grade level, and each resource is aligned to the standards. Once loaded, users can select to focus their search ...

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logo of Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Free! The Weather Prediction Center’s Meteorological Conversions and Calculators lets users enter data to convert and calculate weather-related variables. After launching the website, users must first choose the type of conversion or calculation they wish to make and click on it. A new webpage will then load, and users can input data into it followed by the “Convert” or “Calculate” ...

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Real-Time Air Quality Index Map

Free! The Real-Time Air Quality Index Map reports on the air quality throughout the world. After launching the website, users can get an overview of the air quality around the globe and they can choose specific continents, regions, or areas to view. When viewing the map, users can click a marker for an overview of the air quality in that ...

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U.S. and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species Interactive Map

Free! The U.S. and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species interactive map allows users to select a state or territory from the map to learn about the endangered animals located in that area. After clicking a state, the website will load the “Featured Species” section that provides information about endangered animals in the state, and users can scroll through them using the ...

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Logo for iBiome


$3.99! iBiome Ocean is an in-depth exploration into the oceans. After launching the app, Professor Bio provides an overview about oceans that includes information regarding the animals that live in oceans, what the oceans provide humans, and climate change’s impact on oceans. After the overview, users begin to explore the ocean’s different biomes – the Coral Reef, Tide Pool, Kelp ...

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Logo of Docsity

Docsity – A Community of Learners

Free! Docsity is a community of learners that includes high school and university students and educators. After registering with Docsity and completing their profile, users can access a variety of content and interact with other members. From their dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking the Docsity logo on the top right of the screen at any time after being ...

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Travelear provides users with a high definition audio recording of different experiences captured throughout North America. After launching the app, users can view the multiple listening options by tapping the “Map” or “List” buttons on the bottom of the screen. If they are viewing the options on the “Map” view, users will need to click the “i” button to access ...

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