Maps and Diagrams

Best apps for maps and diagrams

The apps included in this category give users access to a variety of maps and diagrams. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for social studies by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

The True Size Of… – A Website for Geography

Free! The True Size Of… website provides a tool for comparing the actual sizes of landmasses against one another. For example, due to the Mercator map, there is distortion about the size of certain landmasses compared to other landmasses (e.g., Greenland is not the same size as Africa). With The True Size Of… website, users can type the name of ...

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PaleoEarth: Learn about the Earth’s Time Periods & Land Masses

PaleoEarth provides users with a global perspective of how the earth’s land masses have moved over time. After launching the app, users are presented with a map of the globe that they can control by dragging their finger across it. As they do, users are able to view the different land masses. At the bottom of the screen, the app ...

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Real-Time Air Quality Index Map

Free! The Real-Time Air Quality Index Map reports on the air quality throughout the world. After launching the website, users can get an overview of the air quality around the globe and they can choose specific continents, regions, or areas to view. When viewing the map, users can click a marker for an overview of the air quality in that ...

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U.S. and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species Interactive Map

Free! The U.S. and Wildlife Service’s Endangered Species interactive map allows users to select a state or territory from the map to learn about the endangered animals located in that area. After clicking a state, the website will load the “Featured Species” section that provides information about endangered animals in the state, and users can scroll through them using the ...

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Logo of Newseum


Free! NewseumEd is a comprehensive website dedicated to providing key background information related to current events.  After registering, users can navigate the website using the buttons on the left of the screen. The “ED Tools” button provides users with access to a variety of documents (e.g., units and lessons, activities and questions, case studies, artifacts, timelines, maps, and quizzes). These ...

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Logo of Docsity

Docsity – A Community of Learners

Free! Docsity is a community of learners that includes high school and university students and educators. After registering with Docsity and completing their profile, users can access a variety of content and interact with other members. From their dashboard, which can be accessed by clicking the Docsity logo on the top right of the screen at any time after being ...

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Free! TimeMaps provides users an interactive map of the world that changes to show the development of different parts of the world as the timeline is adjusted. To change the map, users can tap the tabs on the left and right of the screen that display the time range of the map. As the time range is adjusted, the map ...

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Plate Tectonics Map

Free! The Plate Tectonics Map from the Earth & Environmental Sciences page from the University of Kentucky offers an animated view of continental drift theory. After loading the website, a map of the world is shown along with a brief commentary explaining plate tectonics. Users can then click the “Maps” button on the top of the page to view a ...

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Free! Langscape is an interactive map that displays where different languages are spoken around the world. After launching the website, users can drag their mouse to scroll over the map to see the different regions of the world and where different languages are spoken. Users can zoom in to see language boundaries and click in different areas to access the ...

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Tour Builder

Free! Tour Builder by Google allows users to create guided tours of different areas that include descriptions, images, and map locations. To begin, users must launch the website and then click the “Create a Tour” option. Users will then enter the name of their tour and their own name before clicking the “Create Tour” option. At this point, Tour Builder ...

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