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Best apps for Reference

The apps included in this category give users access to a variety of reference materials that can be used for research. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for research by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

Sign Me a Sentence Logo

Sign Me a Sentence – An App for Sign Language

Free! Sign Me a Sentence provides an introduction to American sign language. By engaging the app, users will learn short phrases and sentences communicated in sign. When loading the app, users will see three options: Videos, Game, and Sentences. To begin, users can click the “Video” tab on the bottom of the screen, and they will see a variety of ...

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W3Schools: A High-Quality Resource for Learning Code

The W3Schools is a website that provides support for users who are learning to code. After launching the website, users choose the coding language that meets their needs. There is an extensive library of options that are broken into categories: HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Server Side, Programming, Web Building, and XML Tutorials. Once users identify the support they need, they ...

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PlantSnap Pro: Identify Plants

PlantSnap Pro: Identify Plants allows users to take a picture of a plant and use the app in order to identify it. To begin, users must install the app and proceed through its tutorial. They must also give the app permission to access their camera. At this point, users will be at the main screen, and they can tap the ...

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Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR is an app developed by the BBC that features famous, historical artifacts themed by topics that include: Early Civilisations, Human Body, Faith, Encounters, and Progress & Modernity. After loading the app, it provides users with a tutorial overview. In essence, users must give the app permission to access their camera and then locate a flat service. They are ...

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Expeditions: A VR/AR Experience!

Expedition is a collection of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality expeditions. (An expedition is an AR or VR experience loaded into the app.) To engage the app, users must sign in with their Google account. The app’s main dashboard will then load, and users can search for specific expeditions by entering keywords (e.g., Antarctica, Ancient World of Syria, etc.) along ...

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Toppr Doubts – JEE, NEET, CBSE

Toppr Doubts is designed to answer users’ questions about an array of topics in physics, math, chemistry, biology, English, and many other subject areas. To begin, users must register with the app by inputting some contact and educational information. Next, users will be taken to the home screen, where they can ask a question, or a “Doubt,” by tapping the ...

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Learn to Code with Swift

Learn to Code with Swift provides users with lesson-based units for learning to code an iOS app. After downloading and launching the app, the dashboard will load, and users are supposed to complete each unit that is comprised of separate lessons – starting with “The Basics” unit and advancing all the way through “Your First iOS App” unit – in ...

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Lexile Framework for Reading: The Go-To Resource for Quantitative Text Complexity

Free! The Lexile Framework for Reading is an industry-standard in identifying the quantitative reading score for written texts, and it provides resources for parents, students, and teachers. To begin, users will need to register and then log into the website. It will then launch the home screen, and three resources for educators will load: Find Just the Right Books, Look ...

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Mixerpiece: Mix & Match Artwork to Make Your Own!

$2.99! Mixerpiece allows users to create works of art by mixing and matching shapes, body parts, clothing, decorative elements, and backgrounds that appear in famous paintings. After loading the app, users begin by tapping the “Create” option. Next, a workspace will appear along with two menus. The menu at the bottom of the screen provides categories of elements that can ...

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