edWeb.net: A professional community of educators

Review Overview

A. Efficiency
B. Functionality
C. Design

Identify a Topic & Watch a Webinar

Summary : edWeb.net: A professional community of educators

edWeb.net is a worldwide community of educators who share ideas, practices, and strategies related to education, teaching, and learning through webinars. By watching the webinars and completing any follow-up quizzes, users can earn certificates of completion. However, before uses can access those materials, they must register with the website by sharing some information about their professional role(s).

Once registered, users can join communities, connect with other members, view webinars, and earn certificates, the website tracks and stores this information, which the users can access under the My Home Page, My edWebinars, and My Communities tabs on the top of the screen. To find communities, webinars, and members, users can click on the Browse Communities, Browse edWebinars, and Find Members tabs on the top of the screen. Within each tab, there are additional options users can click and explore.

Instructional Ideas for edWeb.net

  1. If teachers need extra ideas, support, or professional development, they can search for a webinar related to the topic. They can then view the webinar, complete any follow-up quiz, and then implement the new strategies they learned from the webinar in their classroom.
  2. Teachers can form professional learning communities (PLC) and choose a topic to study. They can then search this website for webinars related to the topic. Once they find a webinar, they can view it, discuss it, and complete any follow-up quizzes. They can then apply the information they learned from the webinar to their classroom and debrief with the PLC about the experience. At this point, teachers can make decisions for how they would like to proceed.
  3. Teachers, administrators, instructional coaches can join a community, identify webinars of interest related to that community, and view them. They can then make recommendations to colleagues who they think would benefit from the webinar.
A1. Productivity
A2. Frequency
A3. Guidance
A4. Relevance
A5. Credibility
A6. Differentiation
B1. Multipurpose
B2. Collaboration & Communication
B3. Ability to Save Progress
B4. Modifications
B5. Platform Integration
B6. Security
C1. Navigation
C2. Ease of Use
C3. Customization
C4. Aesthetics
C5. Screen Design
C6. Information Presentation
C7. Media Integration
C8. Free of Distractors

Screenshots of edWeb.net