Infant – Preschool

Best apps for teaching infants – pre-schoolers

These apps are carefully chosen and reviewed for teaching infants – pre-schoolers

Logo of TeachMe Kindergarten

TeachMe: Kindergarten

$1.99! TeachMe Kindergarten teaches young users foundational literacy and numeracy skills. To begin, from the home screen, older users (13 years and older) can click the “+” button on the bottom of the screen to register a younger user. To register a young user, older users will need to enter the younger user’s name and then tap the blank image ...

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Foolproof Reading: Learn Fast!

Subscription Foolproof Reading provides users with differentiated literacy instruction based on their age and ability level. To begin using the app, users must register with it by adding their nickname, birth year, and birth month. Next, users pick a paw color that will be used for rewards later in the app. Finally, they pick a reading level based on their ...

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Make Way for Books Logo

Make Way for Books: Storybooks & More for Young Readers!

Free! Make Way for Books provides users with access to digital books along with information about print books that specifically targets young readers in the infant, toddler, and preschool age groups. To begin, users must register with the app, enter information about their children, their location, and select the language settings, which include English, Spanish, and Bilingual options. Next, an ...

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Reading Eggs: A Comprehensive Literacy & Numeracy Program

Paid! Reading Eggs is a website (also available as an iOS app) that includes comprehensive reading and math programs for users aged 2-12, and it offers a free trial. To begin, parent/guardian users need to register with Reading Eggs and input information about their child user. Next, they have the option to view the content as an adult user or ...

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ABC Dinos: Learn to Read – Preschool

Freemium! ABC Dinos: Learn to Read – Preschool is a story-based game that is designed to teach users how to write letters, learn the sounds they make, and letter matching activities. To begin, users must tap the “Play” button from the home screen after launching the app. Next, their character will load, and users can choose which letter they wish ...

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Dino Tim

Dino Tim: Gamifying Counting Skills

Dino Tim is a gamified approach to teaching counting skills. Once users load the app and enter their age, they are able to choose either the “Easy” or “Normal” mode. Multiple screens then appear that present an image-based storyline, and users must tap the “Play” button to advance through them. The app will then present users with multiple-choice math problems ...

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Math Land: Mental Arithmetic

Mathland is a gamified approach to developing and reinforcing math skills. After launching the app, users are asked to enter their birth year. Next, the game loads the user’s avatar on an island, and users are taught how to navigate their avatar in the game to collect coins, jump over objects, interact with other characters, and complete challenges. As users ...

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Working Class: An App for Increasing Teacher Efficiency

$6.99! Working Class provides a tool for managing classes, student attendance, grades, and more! When first launching the app, a sample class layout is shown, and users can tap the different areas of the screen to explore the app’s functionalities and features. When ready to create their own class, users will need to tap and hold the “Edit” button on ...

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YouTube: The World’s Largest Online Video Database!

Free! YouTube is an enormous website database of videos that can be streamed directly to a computer or another device. To locate a video, users must type the name, keyword, or topic of a video they wish to view. YouTube will then report a list of videos that match their criteria, and users can view the video by clicking it. ...

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