Test Prep

Best apps for test prep

The apps included in this category prepare students for test, both standardized and subject specific. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for test preparation by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

High5Wizard – AP & College Course Exam Prep

Freemium High5Wizard (App Store and Google Play) is designed to prepare users for Advanced Placement and College courses. At its core, the app offers different types of tests across a range of subject areas, including English Language, US History, Government & Politics, Psychology, World History, Statistics, Calculus AB, Biology, Human Geography, and Environmental Science. To use the app, users must ...

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Math-E learn the times tables

Freemium! Math-E is a game-based app designed to develop users’ multiplication skills. To begin, users must choose either the “1 Player” or “1 vs. 1” game mode. The “1 Player” mode allows users to play the game by themselves while the “1 vs. 1” mode divides the device’s screen in halves and each user controls one of the halves. In ...

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TurboWords Spelling

    TurboWords is designed to support users in learning how to spell words. After launching the app, it loads the home screen. Users can tap the “+” button on the top right of the screen to add a name and image to the roster on the home screen. Once added, users can tap a name, and a new screen ...

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Toppr Doubts – JEE, NEET, CBSE

Toppr Doubts is designed to answer users’ questions about an array of topics in physics, math, chemistry, biology, English, and many other subject areas. To begin, users must register with the app by inputting some contact and educational information. Next, users will be taken to the home screen, where they can ask a question, or a “Doubt,” by tapping the ...

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Writing Reviser: Improving Writing Using Analytics!

Free! The Writing Reviser from Curriculum Pathways provides users with a tool for analyzing their writing. The analysis offers detailed insights into multiple components of their writing, including essay structure along with sentence economy, variety, power, and clarity. To begin using this tool, users must first register with Curriculum Pathways, which is free for students and teachers. Next, they can ...

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StudyAce: A Flexible Platform for Creating Games

Paid! After launching the StudyAce website, users will need to first login. Next, the users’ dashboard will load, and users can see the groups they belong to, study materials they developed or download, and sample games. Users can click through the websites’ options to add content to their dashboard. To begin, users can click the “Courses” button on the top ...

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StudyAce Learning Games

StudyAce is a flexible platform for users to create, share, and engage study materials. After launching and logging into the app, users can tap the “Home” button on the bottom of the screen and select one of the “Sample Games” to play. Next, a new screen will appear, and it will display the games users can play at the top ...

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QuikLee: Sharpen Your Mental Capacity!

QuikLee is a trivia-based game that is intended to sharpen users’ mental faculties. To begin, users have to launch the app and sign in using either their email or Facebook profile. Next, users must choose if they wish to play the “Single Player” mode or if they want to play in the “Challenge a Friend” mode. When the game loads, ...

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Image of gabriel's seeds

Gabriel Seeds: A Tool for Making Apps!

Free! Gabriel Seeds is designed to allow users to create their own apps. To begin, users will need to register with the website. Next, a welcome message will appear with a link to a manual. It is very important users access the manual, as it will provide step-by-step instructions for designing apps in this website. As users follow the manual, ...

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CommonLit: A Top Notch Website for Reading!

Free! CommonLit is a learning management system designed to support students’ reading development. To begin, teacher users must register with the website and then create a class. To do so, teacher users must click the “My Dashboard” option and then click the “Create a New Class” option. At this point, teacher users can import a class from Google Classroom or ...

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