Reading Assessment and Comprehension

Best apps for reading assessment and comprehension

The apps included in this category assess users reading ability. Teachers can gain ideas about how to integrate these best apps for reading by clicking on an app’s logo and reading its review. Within each app review, teachers are provided a detailed description of the app, a comprehensive evaluation of the app, and three or more instructional ideas for how to use the app.

High5Wizard – AP & College Course Exam Prep

Freemium High5Wizard (App Store and Google Play) is designed to prepare users for Advanced Placement and College courses. At its core, the app offers different types of tests across a range of subject areas, including English Language, US History, Government & Politics, Psychology, World History, Statistics, Calculus AB, Biology, Human Geography, and Environmental Science. To use the app, users must ...

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Foolproof Reading: Learn Fast!

Subscription Foolproof Reading provides users with differentiated literacy instruction based on their age and ability level. To begin using the app, users must register with it by adding their nickname, birth year, and birth month. Next, users pick a paw color that will be used for rewards later in the app. Finally, they pick a reading level based on their ...

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Diigo: A Tool for All Classrooms

  Freemium!   Diigo is a Google Chrome Extension that allows users to save, annotate, notate, and share articles. To begin, users must install the Diigo extension to their Chrome browser. Next, the Diigo logo appears on the top right of Chrome menu, and users can access Diigo by clicking its logo. To begin using Diigo, users should navigate to ...

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Phonics Little Red Hen Story

    Phonics Little Red Hen Story is an automated story of a chicken and her chicks. The story is divided into five chapters, and each chapter is followed by reading questions. In addition, the app concludes with a discussion and original song titled “One Foot Two, Eyes of Blue: Has Anybody Seen My Hen?” After launching the app, users ...

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Reading Eggs: A Comprehensive Literacy & Numeracy Program

Paid! Reading Eggs is a website (also available as an iOS app) that includes comprehensive reading and math programs for users aged 2-12, and it offers a free trial. To begin, parent/guardian users need to register with Reading Eggs and input information about their child user. Next, they have the option to view the content as an adult user or ...

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Lexile Framework for Reading: The Go-To Resource for Quantitative Text Complexity

Free! The Lexile Framework for Reading is an industry-standard in identifying the quantitative reading score for written texts, and it provides resources for parents, students, and teachers. To begin, users will need to register and then log into the website. It will then launch the home screen, and three resources for educators will load: Find Just the Right Books, Look ...

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StudyAce: A Flexible Platform for Creating Games

Paid! After launching the StudyAce website, users will need to first login. Next, the users’ dashboard will load, and users can see the groups they belong to, study materials they developed or download, and sample games. Users can click through the websites’ options to add content to their dashboard. To begin, users can click the “Courses” button on the top ...

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Literably: Automating Miscue Analysis and Running Records

Freemium! Literably is a website designed for analyzing student reading using running records and miscue analysis. To begin, teachers need to launch the Literably website and register by entering in their information (e.g., name and password), student information, and grade level. At this point, the teacher’s dashboard will open, and all the students who were enrolled in the class when ...

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Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor: Working to Automate Running Records

Trial! Fluency Tutor by Google is a web app for Chrome that allows teachers to create classes in the app or import classes from Google Classroom and then assign students enrolled in the class reading passages. Once assigned, students can use tools to support their reading of the passage before recording themselves reading it. To begin, teachers must download the ...

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