Slippery Slope – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop math students’ understanding of the slope formula.

Instructional Objective: Students will independently study the slope formula and then demonstrate their knowledge of the slope formula by choosing an object from the world that features a slope (e.g., a mountain, an ancient pyramid, etc.), writing a word problem that requires the slope formula to be used in order to solve it, and then posting their word problem and its solution to a class website.

Step 1: Students will use the Sketchpad Explorer app to read and study the slope formula.
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Step 2: After viewing objects online and then selecting one that has a natural slope to it, students will use the PaperPort Notes app to write their own word problem (complete with image) and their solution to it.
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Step 3: Students will post their word problem as a forum or blog to a class website, such as Edmodo, that can be accessed via its app. Classmates will then leave their solutions to the word problem below its posting.
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