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Mixerpiece: Mix & Match Artwork to Make Your Own!

$2.99! Mixerpiece allows users to create works of art by mixing and matching shapes, body parts, clothing, decorative elements, and backgrounds that appear in famous paintings. After loading the app, users begin by tapping the “Create” option. Next, a workspace will appear along with two menus. The menu at the bottom of the screen provides categories of elements that can ...

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google drawings

Google Drawings: A Google Drive Application!

Free! Google Drawings allows users to create diagrams, charts, images, figures and more! To begin, users must log into their Google Drive account and then launch Google Drawings. At this point, users can click the “Untitled Drawing” text on the top left of the screen to title their drawing. Next, they can begin adding content to the drawing with the ...

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Logo of Sketchpad

Sketchpad – A Website for Creation

Free! Sketchpad from Sketch.io is a website that allows users to draw, doodle, and sketch. After loading the website, users can click the tools on the left side menu of the screen to add content. To begin, users can click the writing utensil and choose the one they wish to use from the drop down menu. Next, users can click ...

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