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Homepage for StarChart.me

StarChart.me – A Tool for Management

Free! StarChart.me is a customizable, digital chart that allows teachers to add specific students and rewards. To begin, teachers will need to navigate to the website, enter in the student’s names, and their email address. The website will then create a chart with the student’s name and goal. Teachers can click the stars in the chart as students work towards ...

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Logo for Kids Rewards

Kids Rewards – An Easy-to-Use Online Behavior Chart

Free! Kids Rewards is an online chart that teachers can customize for specific goals, rewards, and students. To begin, teachers will need to register with the website and then log in. Next, teachers can click the “Add Kid” button on the top right of the screen and then individually enter each of their students into the chart. At this point, ...

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A logo for LiveSchool

LiveSchool – Helping to Document Classroom Behaviors

Free! LiveSchool is a classroom management website that allows teachers to input and track student behavior in real time. To begin, teachers need to register with the website and a dashboard view will then appear. To add students, teachers will need to click the “Setup” button followed by the “Students” option and then add students by clicking the “+New” button ...

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