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logo of Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Meteorological Conversions and Calculators

Free! The Weather Prediction Center’s Meteorological Conversions and Calculators lets users enter data to convert and calculate weather-related variables. After launching the website, users must first choose the type of conversion or calculation they wish to make and click on it. A new webpage will then load, and users can input data into it followed by the “Convert” or “Calculate” ...

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This is the logo for Web 2.0 Calc

Web 2.0 Calc – A Free Online Calculator

Free! Web 2.0 Calc provides users with an array of math tools. First, users can access a scientific calculator when loading the website or by clicking the “Home” button. Users can then input data into the calculator, and it will compute the answer. If users have a particular math question they need help to answer, they can click the “Forum” ...

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Free! Calculator.net provides online calculators for a variety of purposes. From the website’s main page, users can click the “Math” option and choose the type of calculator they want to access. In addition to the calculators for Statistics and Geometry, users can access calculators for factions, time, square roots, mass, and many more. Once users select a calculator, they must ...

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Logo of Social Science Statistics

Social Science Statistics

Free! The Social Science Statistics webpage provides users with calculators and support for analyzing quantitative data sets. From the website’s main page, users can click the “Statistical Calculators” button to access a group of calculators used for significance tests, tests of correlation, effect size, and confidence intervals. Users can click a calculator from this page, and the website will load ...

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