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Logo of NotebookCast


Free! NotebookCast is a free, online whiteboard that multiple users can engage in real time. To begin, users will first need to register with the website. At this point, users can click the “Create an online whiteboard” button and enter information for their board (e.g., Nick Name and the board’s size, title, and description). The whiteboard will then load, and ...

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Logo of Padlet

Padlet – A Tool for Real-Time Collaboration

Freemium! Padlet is a collaborative bulletin board that allows users to post and share a variety of content. To begin, users must register with the website, which will also provide them with an overview for using this website. After registering, users are brought to the dashboard where they can create their first Padlet by clicking the “+ Make A Padlet” ...

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Hypothe.is logo


Free! Hypothes.is is a web tool that allows users to annotate online text and webpages. After registering with the Hypothes.is and logging in, users next need to paste the address of the website they wish to annotate into the box. Hypothes.is then loads the website in its shell. To annotate the website, users must first select text with their mouse, ...

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Logo of FlipGrid


Freemium! FlipGrid is a platform for users to share their thoughts via video in response to a prompt. To begin, teacher users must first create a FlipGrid, and once created, students can respond to it. To make a FlipGrid, teacher users will need to launch the FlipGrid website, register with it, and then log in. (Teacher users can make one ...

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