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DesignEvo: A Tool for Creative Projects

Free! DesignEvo is a website for creating logos. To begin, users must launch the website and then click the “Make a Logo for Free” button. A workspace will then load, and users can create their logo by first searching for an image by entering a search term in the “Icon” box. DesignEvo will then load images that match the term, ...

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google drawings

Google Drawings: A Google Drive Application!

Free! Google Drawings allows users to create diagrams, charts, images, figures and more! To begin, users must log into their Google Drive account and then launch Google Drawings. At this point, users can click the “Untitled Drawing” text on the top left of the screen to title their drawing. Next, they can begin adding content to the drawing with the ...

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Logo for the Kayak Website

Kayak – A Website for Travel Planning

Free! Kayak is a travel website that lets users book airplane flights, make hotel accommodations, and reserve car rentals. Kayak also provides a “Packages” option that lets users bundle flights, hotels, an/or car rentals together, and the website is dynamic in that it searches multiple websites for the best deal. To begin, users will need to select if they want ...

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The Smore edtech and instructional logo

Smore – A Web Tool for Creating Infographics

Free! Smore is a tool for creating, sharing, storing, and browsing infographics. To begin, users must register with the webiste, click the “Start a New Flyer” button on the top right, and choose the type of flyer they wish to create. Users will then see a template load, and they can click its different boxes to insert text, images, links, ...

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