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google drawings

Google Drawings: A Google Drive Application!

Free! Google Drawings allows users to create diagrams, charts, images, figures and more! To begin, users must log into their Google Drive account and then launch Google Drawings. At this point, users can click the “Untitled Drawing” text on the top left of the screen to title their drawing. Next, they can begin adding content to the drawing with the ...

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Logo of USA Test Prep

USA Test Prep – A Website for Creating Standards-Based Assessments

Paid! USA Test Prep is a comprehensive test and review system for creating classes, assessing learning, and reviewing information. To begin, teachers must register with the website, and the website will then provide them with a quick overview of its functionalities. Next, users can click the “Create a Class” button on the bottom of the screen followed by naming their ...

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Logo for Paper Checker

Paper Checker – A Website for Improving Writing

Freemium! Paper Checker is a website designed to analyze users’ writing for a variety of elements. To begin, users must launch the website and then choose the “Use Now Free!” button. A new webpage will open, and users can either upload their file or copy and paste it into the box provided. To further customize the feedback, users must enter ...

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