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StudyAce Learning Games

StudyAce is a flexible platform for users to create, share, and engage study materials. After launching and logging into the app, users can tap the “Home” button on the bottom of the screen and select one of the “Sample Games” to play. Next, a new screen will appear, and it will display the games users can play at the top ...

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Math Land: Mental Arithmetic

Mathland is a gamified approach to developing and reinforcing math skills. After launching the app, users are asked to enter their birth year. Next, the game loads the user’s avatar on an island, and users are taught how to navigate their avatar in the game to collect coins, jump over objects, interact with other characters, and complete challenges. As users ...

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teach starter

Teach Starter: Working to Make Every Classroom Buzz!

Free! Teach Starter is a comprehensive website of resources, games, lessons, and more that teacher users can explore, and the website’s content is arranged using multiple categories. For instance, the “Common Core” section lets users seek a variety of resources by grade level, and each resource is aligned to the standards. Once loaded, users can select to focus their search ...

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Free! Funbrain consists of different games and activities users complete online that teach foundational reading and math skills. Using the icons on the top right of the screen, users can tap the “Games” button to and then select a game that focuses on a math or reading skill. After clicking the “Games” button, users are able to browse the games, ...

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logo for bioman

Bioman ~ Adding Some Gameplay to the Science Classroom

Free! Bioman is a website that uses gamification to engage students in scientific learning. To begin, users will need to click a game category from the left of the screen, and games will load. Users can then read a description of the game and, if interested, click its title to play it. As users play a game, they will be ...

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logo for Zap Zap Kindergarten Math

Zap Zap Kindergarten Math

$2.99! Zap Zap Kindergarten Math is a gamified approach for learning foundational math skills. After registering with the app, users will be launched in a spaceship that they can navigate by holding their finger to the screen and dragging it in the direction they wish the spaceship to move. Users need to navigate their spaceship to a planet using the ...

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Free! Vocabulary.co.il contains dozens of simple word games. To access the games, users will first need to load the website and then choose the type of game they wish to play from the menu on the left of the screen. The games for that category then load and users can choose the difficulty level of the game based on the ...

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Freemium! Education.com provides users with a database of games for math, reading, and writing. With the menu on the left side of the screen, users can click the “Games” option and then sort the games by grade level and subject area. Education.com then reports the corresponding games and users can select the one they wish to play by clicking it. ...

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Free! Poptropica is a game-based, choose-your-own-adventure, narrative experience for users. To begin, users must create an avatar by entering in their gender and age. The Poptropica then creates an avatar for users, and the adventure begins! As it starts, Poptropica provides instructions for users that explains how they are to move their avatar. In the narrative, the user’s avatar meets ...

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Funbrain Jr.

Free! Funbrain Jr. is a website that contains multiple learning resources for students. After loading the website, users have multiple options. First, they can click the “Games” button to view a list of games included in this website. Users can click the “Left” and “Right” arrow buttons to view the different games or the “See All” option to view the ...

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