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logo for Thinglink

Thinglink – Making Infographics Interactive

Freemium! Thinglink is a website designed for creating interactive infographics. To begin, users must first launch the website, click the “Get Started” button, and then register with Thinglink. A video overview of Thinglink will then play, which users can view to learn about its basic functionalities. Next, the dashboard will load, and users can click the “Create” option to begin ...

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Freemium! Creately allows users to design, complete, and share graphic organizers. To begin, users must register with Creately and choose their account type (for this review, it will use the free account option). Next, users must log into the website by clicking the “Go To Creately App” option, and users will have to enable Flash. At this point, users can ...

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The Smore edtech and instructional logo

Smore – A Web Tool for Creating Infographics

Free! Smore is a tool for creating, sharing, storing, and browsing infographics. To begin, users must register with the webiste, click the “Start a New Flyer” button on the top right, and choose the type of flyer they wish to create. Users will then see a template load, and they can click its different boxes to insert text, images, links, ...

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