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Logo of RWT Timeline

RWT Timeline ~ Making the Making of Timelines Easier

Free! RWT Timeline allows users to create chronological sequences of events. When launching RWT Timeline, users must first title their outline; decide if they want to organize it by date, time, or event; and then tap the “start” button. Once selected, users are presented with a blank timeline. To create an entry on the timeline, users must click the timeline ...

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Logo of Music Timeline

Music Timeline

Free! Music Timeline provides a timeline that spans the 1950s into the 2000s and shows the popularity of musical genres (e.g., Jazz, Rock, Indie, Folk, Country, Rap, R&B, etc.) to each other at different times. Users can then click on the timeline, and the website will zoom into that section of the timeline to show more detailed information about when ...

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Logo of Newseum


Free! NewseumEd is a comprehensive website dedicated to providing key background information related to current events.  After registering, users can navigate the website using the buttons on the left of the screen. The “ED Tools” button provides users with access to a variety of documents (e.g., units and lessons, activities and questions, case studies, artifacts, timelines, maps, and quizzes). These ...

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