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Logo of Musicality

Musicality – An Inventory of Musical Abilities

Free! Musicality is an inventory that analyzes users’ musical abilities, including those they have and those they want to develop. To begin, users must first launch the website and click the “Start” button to access the inventory. They are then asked for their name and if they play an instrument. Users then answer 18 questions regarding their musical abilities, specifically ...

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Logo for Tone Deaf Test

The Tone Deaf Test

Free! The Tone Deaf Test is a website that uses three question types to determine if an individual is tone deaf. To begin, users must launch the website and then click the “Test Sound” button to ensure their computer or device is playing the sound. Next, users must tap the “Start” button. They will then be asked if they play ...

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Homepage for Virtual Drumming

Virtual Drumming – Play Free Online Drum Sets

Free! Virtual Drumming is a website that allows users to play a full drum set. To play the drum set, users will first need to launch the website. At this point, users can play a drum by clicking on it with their mouse or tap the corresponding button on their keyboard to play it. Users can click the “Lined” button ...

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