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Kioza: A Handy Slideshow Movie Maker and Collage Tool!

Freemium! Kizoa is a website that allows users to create slideshow movies and collages. After registering and logging into the website, users need to first select the type of project they wish to create by choosing either the “Movie Maker” or “Collage Maker” tab on the top of the screen. Next, users will need to decide if they wish to ...

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Screencastify: Merging Screencasting with Google Drive

Freemium! Screencastify is a web extension that allows users to create screencasts with their computer, and the software automatically saves the finished video to the user’s Google Drive. After adding the web extension to their Google Chrome browser, users can click the extension’s icon in the upper right side of the screen. Once the icon is clicked, users can adjust ...

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Logo for Renderforest

Renderforest ~ Making Movies and Videos is Awesome!!

Freemium! Renderforst allows users to create and share videos. To begin, users will need to register with the website, login, and then click the “Get Started” button. Users are then to select a template for their video, and Renderforest offers several options. Users can click a template to preview it and click the “Create” button to use it. Renderforest will ...

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Kizoa's logo

Kizoa – A Tool for Creating Movies and Collages

Freemium! Kizoa is designed for users to create movies and collages with their own images. To begin, users must launch the website and then register. Next, their dashboard view loads, and users can click the “My Images” tab to upload their own images to the website. Next, users must decide if they wish to create a movie or collage by ...

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Logo for Biteable

Biteable – Animating Presentations

Free! Biteable is a web-based tool for creating animated presentations using a premade template. To begin, users must register with the website. Next, users must select the template they wish to use for their presentation or they can choose to build their presentation from scratch. (We recommend selecting a template.) Users then follow the prompts in the presentation to insert ...

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Logo of Stupeflix

Stupeflix – Create Slideshows Movies

Free! Stupeflix is a website for making slideshow videos. To begin, users must first register with the website by creating a free account. Once registered, users must click the “Make a Video” button on the top right of the screen. At this point, Stupeflix will guide users through the process of creating a video. First, users will need to select ...

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