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Logo of Simplenote

Simplenote: An Easy-to-Use Tool for Note Taking!

Free! Simplenote allows users to create notes. The notes are stored in the website and can be accessed on computers or devices with the Simplenote app downloaded to them. To ensure transfer and security, Simplenote does require users to first register with their email address and password before creating notes. To create a note, users select the “+” icon on ...

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Logo of Up-Goer Five Text Editor

Up-Goer Five Text Editor ~ A Website for Notes and Vocabulary

Free! The Up-Goer Five Text Editor challenges users to express their thoughts with only the 1,000 most commonly used words. Users simply have to type their statement into the box provided, and the website will indicate which words are not included in the 1,000 most commonly used words. After typing their text, users can copy and paste it easily into ...

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Logo of Genius Website Annotation

Genius Website Annotator – A Tooling for Marking Websites

Free! Genius Annotator allows users to annotate the web. To begin, users will need to register with Genius and then sign in. Next, users can navigate to most any website on the Internet and annotate it by simply adding “genius.it/” before the website’s URL. For example, if users look up Act 1, Scene 2 from Hamlet, they may go to ...

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Hypothe.is logo


Free! Hypothes.is is a web tool that allows users to annotate online text and webpages. After registering with the Hypothes.is and logging in, users next need to paste the address of the website they wish to annotate into the box. Hypothes.is then loads the website in its shell. To annotate the website, users must first select text with their mouse, ...

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