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Sutori: Create and share visual stories

Freemium! Sutori allows users to customize and share stories, and users can add images, text, questions, and more to their stories! To begin, users must register with Sutori, and then they can begin building their first story! (Please note, this review will focus on the free version of Sutori.) At this point, the user’s dashboard appears and they can click ...

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pear deck

Pear Deck: A Needed Piece of EdTech for Presentations

Freemium! Pear Deck is designed to integrate activities and questions into a presentation. To begin, users will need to log into Pear Deck using their Google credentials or sign in with their email. Next, a dashboard will load, and users can click the “New” button and then select the “Slide Deck” option to begin creating their presentation. At this point, ...

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google drawings

Google Drawings: A Google Drive Application!

Free! Google Drawings allows users to create diagrams, charts, images, figures and more! To begin, users must log into their Google Drive account and then launch Google Drawings. At this point, users can click the “Untitled Drawing” text on the top left of the screen to title their drawing. Next, they can begin adding content to the drawing with the ...

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Logo for Canva

Canva ~ A Tool for Creating Infographics

Freemium! Canva allows users to create infographics by first selecting and then customizing a template. To begin, users must register with the website and then login. Once logged in, users can begin creating their infographic by clicking the “Create a Design” button on the left side of the screen. Multiple categories of templates will then be previewed, and the categories ...

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Logo for Bounce

Bounce – A Web-Tool For Annotating the Web!

Free! Bounce is a web-based tool for annotating and making notes on websites and images. To begin, users must launch the Bounce website and either enter in the URL for a website or upload an image. Next, Bounce will load the website or image. Users can then create boxes over the elements of the website or image they wish to ...

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Netffice 24

Freemium! Netffice 24 allows users to create and store files online. To begin, users must register with the website. Next, they will be able to log in and access their dashboard. From their dashboard, users can click the “+” button and then choose if they wish to create or upload a file or folder. If users wish to upload a ...

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Logo of FlipGrid


Freemium! FlipGrid is a platform for users to share their thoughts via video in response to a prompt. To begin, teacher users must first create a FlipGrid, and once created, students can respond to it. To make a FlipGrid, teacher users will need to launch the FlipGrid website, register with it, and then log in. (Teacher users can make one ...

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The Smore edtech and instructional logo

Smore – A Web Tool for Creating Infographics

Free! Smore is a tool for creating, sharing, storing, and browsing infographics. To begin, users must register with the webiste, click the “Start a New Flyer” button on the top right, and choose the type of flyer they wish to create. Users will then see a template load, and they can click its different boxes to insert text, images, links, ...

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Logo for Biteable

Biteable – Animating Presentations

Free! Biteable is a web-based tool for creating animated presentations using a premade template. To begin, users must register with the website. Next, users must select the template they wish to use for their presentation or they can choose to build their presentation from scratch. (We recommend selecting a template.) Users then follow the prompts in the presentation to insert ...

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