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News in Levels

News in Levels: A Differentiated Reading Resource for ELLs

Free! News in Levels is a website that provides current event stories at differing levels of reading complexity for English Language Learners. After launching the website, it presents users with several news headlines and dropdown menus at the top of a screen. To select an article, users can either click on a story directly located on the website’s main page ...

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Book Finder

Book Finder By Lexile: A Topnotch Literacy Tool!

Free! The Book Finder option provided by the Lexile Framework website allows users to search for books based on lexile score and interest. To begin, users must load the website and then enter in their lexile score. Book Finder will then automatically set a lexile score range, which users can adjust. If users do not know their lexile score, they ...

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Literably: Automating Miscue Analysis and Running Records

Freemium! Literably is a website designed for analyzing student reading using running records and miscue analysis. To begin, teachers need to launch the Literably website and register by entering in their information (e.g., name and password), student information, and grade level. At this point, the teacher’s dashboard will open, and all the students who were enrolled in the class when ...

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CommonLit: A Top Notch Website for Reading!

Free! CommonLit is a learning management system designed to support students’ reading development. To begin, teacher users must register with the website and then create a class. To do so, teacher users must click the “My Dashboard” option and then click the “Create a New Class” option. At this point, teacher users can import a class from Google Classroom or ...

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Free! Funbrain consists of different games and activities users complete online that teach foundational reading and math skills. Using the icons on the top right of the screen, users can tap the “Games” button to and then select a game that focuses on a math or reading skill. After clicking the “Games” button, users are able to browse the games, ...

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Screenshot of Clifford

Clifford Interactive Website by Scholastic

Free! The Clifford Interactive website by Scholastic contains multiple reading and literacy activities for users who are developing their early literacy skills all themed after the Big Red Dog. After launching the website, users can choose either the “Read a Story” or “Play a Game” option. First, the “Read a Story” option includes four digital storybooks users can select, and ...

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Free! Vocabulary.co.il contains dozens of simple word games. To access the games, users will first need to load the website and then choose the type of game they wish to play from the menu on the left of the screen. The games for that category then load and users can choose the difficulty level of the game based on the ...

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Logo of PBS Kids' Phonemic Awareness Skill Games

PBS Kids’ Phonemic Awareness Skill Games

Free! PBS Kids’ Phonemic Awareness Skill Games offers a variety of learning activities that target phonemic awareness. After loading the website, users are to select one of the five games. Each game focuses on an aspect of phonemic awareness, which includes letter sounds, letter isolation, and letter blends. After selecting a game, a brief introduction is provided that explains what ...

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Fremium! Starfall is a non-profit website that includes phonics-based exercises, books, and activities. After launching the website, users can access its content by clicking on one of the different activity types. By clicking the “ABCs” activity, the website loads the complete alphabet and users can click on a letter to view a short video about it. The “Learn to Read” ...

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Funbrain Jr.

Free! Funbrain Jr. is a website that contains multiple learning resources for students. After loading the website, users have multiple options. First, they can click the “Games” button to view a list of games included in this website. Users can click the “Left” and “Right” arrow buttons to view the different games or the “See All” option to view the ...

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