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Encyclopedia Britannica (lite)

[ios_app id=”447919187″] Encyclopedia Britannica contains entries for thousands of topics that cut across a range of subject areas. In Encyclopedia Britannica, users are able to search for specific entries, browse by topics, and read about significant events that happened on “this day” in history. When reading about a topic, users are provided the first 100 words of the entry (unless they ...

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Lincoln Telegrams

[ios_app id=”431605400″] Lincoln Telegrams contains original telegrams sent by President Lincoln during a portion of the Civil War (March 10, 1864, through July 16, 1864). Lincoln Telegrams houses a copy of the original telegram sent by Lincoln, a transcription of the original document, a summary/context related to the telegram’s message, and inferences made based on the telegram. Instructional Ideas When ...

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Early Jamestown

[ios_app id=”395229194″] Early Jamestown is a digital textbook that provides users with text, graphics, movies, interactive maps, and timelines about Jamestown’s founding and society. In all, the app contains two chapters about Jamestown, and a “Let’s Review” section follows each chapter. In the review sections, users are presented with questions to answer, key terms to understand, and activities to complete, ...

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