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Logo of USA Test Prep

USA Test Prep – A Website for Creating Standards-Based Assessments

Paid! USA Test Prep is a comprehensive test and review system for creating classes, assessing learning, and reviewing information. To begin, teachers must register with the website, and the website will then provide them with a quick overview of its functionalities. Next, users can click the “Create a Class” button on the bottom of the screen followed by naming their ...

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Easy TestMaker Logo

Easy TestMaker – A Tool for Creating Assessments

Freemium! Easy TestMaker provides teachers with a simple online tool for creating tests. To begin, teachers must register with the Easy Test Maker website and then log in. Next, they must click the “Create a New Test…” button and then enter the name of their test followed by the “Create Test” button. At this point, the website provides some directions ...

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