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fraze it

Fraze It: A Creative Approach to Word Study

Free! Fraze It is an innovative website that functions as a dictionary. After launching the website, users type a word or phrase of interest into the search box. The website will then create a report for the word/phrase that includes multiple examples of it being used in context, a definition for it, synonyms for the word/phrase, images depicting the word/phrase, ...

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Logo of Up-Goer Five Text Editor

Up-Goer Five Text Editor ~ A Website for Notes and Vocabulary

Free! The Up-Goer Five Text Editor challenges users to express their thoughts with only the 1,000 most commonly used words. Users simply have to type their statement into the box provided, and the website will indicate which words are not included in the 1,000 most commonly used words. After typing their text, users can copy and paste it easily into ...

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Logo for Paper Checker

Paper Checker – A Website for Improving Writing

Freemium! Paper Checker is a website designed to analyze users’ writing for a variety of elements. To begin, users must launch the website and then choose the “Use Now Free!” button. A new webpage will open, and users can either upload their file or copy and paste it into the box provided. To further customize the feedback, users must enter ...

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Free! Vocabulary.co.il contains dozens of simple word games. To access the games, users will first need to load the website and then choose the type of game they wish to play from the menu on the left of the screen. The games for that category then load and users can choose the difficulty level of the game based on the ...

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logo of quizlet

Quizlet ~ A Tool for Studying Vocabulary Terms

Freemium! Quizlet is a website that provides activities designed for learning new vocabulary terms and phrases. To begin, teachers must create a profile and log into the website. Next, they can click the “Create” button on the top of the screen to begin making a new deck. (In this context, “deck” refers to the terms and their definitions.) To make ...

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