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Google Sites

Google Sites: An Online Platform for the “G” Suite!

Free! Google Sites allows users to create their own website with a template-like structure. To begin, users will need to download the Google Site app to their Google Drive (New > More > Connect More Apps > Search for Google Sites). Users can then create their website by clicking the “New” option followed by “More” and then selecting the “Google ...

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Logo of Zipboard

Zip Board

Freemium! Zip Board allows users to capture and annotate the web and zip files. To begin, users will need to register with the website. Next, they will be provided with a tutorial before creating their first project. To begin a project, users must click the “Create New Project” button on the left side of the screen. Next, they will be ...

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Hypothe.is logo


Free! Hypothes.is is a web tool that allows users to annotate online text and webpages. After registering with the Hypothes.is and logging in, users next need to paste the address of the website they wish to annotate into the box. Hypothes.is then loads the website in its shell. To annotate the website, users must first select text with their mouse, ...

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