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Logo for the Kayak Website

Kayak – A Website for Travel Planning

Free! Kayak is a travel website that lets users book airplane flights, make hotel accommodations, and reserve car rentals. Kayak also provides a “Packages” option that lets users bundle flights, hotels, an/or car rentals together, and the website is dynamic in that it searches multiple websites for the best deal. To begin, users will need to select if they want ...

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This is the logo for Web 2.0 Calc

Web 2.0 Calc – A Free Online Calculator

Free! Web 2.0 Calc provides users with an array of math tools. First, users can access a scientific calculator when loading the website or by clicking the “Home” button. Users can then input data into the calculator, and it will compute the answer. If users have a particular math question they need help to answer, they can click the “Forum” ...

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