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Best Online Video Editing Software 2020

In the Digital Age, video editors have become indispensable tools that help people pave their way towards success and recognition. Now that countless users have high-end devices capable of HD and even 4K video recording, creating eye-popping video projects is easier than ever. And the availability of top-notch video making and editing apps enables nonprofessional users like beginner YouTubers, bloggers, and would-be Instagram influencers to create truly sophisticated videos that can impress a vast audience and bring them long coveted fame. With the advanced abilities provided by consumer-friendly video editing software, you can now experiment with multitrack editing, color grading, motion tracking, sound effects, and take advantage of other features that once were available to pro-lever users only. What’s more, today, you can put your hands on effective online video editors that allow you to spice up your video content right in your browser. No need to install cumbersome software, no unexpected shutdowns, or long startup times, which are often the case with downloadable video editors. If you’re also looking for stable, versatile, easy-to-use, and affordable video editing software, you want to familiarize yourself with today’s extensive list of top 10 editors that can take your videos to the next level.

#1 Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a web-based program and a Chrome extension that can be effectively used for screencasting, video recording, video editing, and quite a few other things. Should you be eager to trim, cut, crop clips so they can fit in your project, or even reinsert a part of your footage into the timeline, use Hippo Video. This online editor is also ideal for blurring your videos, adding audio tracks and sound effects to them. What’s more, you can record your own narration and play it seamlessly along your video.

#2 Fastreel

It would be criminal not to mention Fastreel on today’s list of the best online video editors created by Movavi. It was designed with nonprofessional users in mind. So, you can start with the very basics and learn how to create visually appealing videos and make minor changes with this program. Furthermore, try out more advanced features like reversing, resizing, looping, and making stop-motion videos. You can also avail yourself of dozens of customizable templates and filters that can help you turn your footage into a conspicuous work of art.

#3 Animoto

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money and time into your video editing exploits, Animoto is the best fit for you. This drag-and-drop enables you to create eye-catching projects and share them with your friends and followers on your popular social media platforms. You have lots of professionally-designed templates at your disposal. Just pick the one that suits your footage. Add background music, animated effects, and captions to your video and introduce it to the world.

#4 Online Video Cutter

Looking for a perfect video cutter? Then, you should set your sights on Online Video Cutter. This tool makes it possible to quickly crop or trim your video in the browser. All you need to do is select the necessary video file and select the area you want to remove the unwanted portion. No special skills or previous experience with editing software is required of you. Online Video Cutter is totally intuitive. You can choose the ratio and format of your output file and save it to your device.

#5 FlexClip

FlexClip is packed with all the features a good video editing app is bound to have. You can crop, resize, and trim videos. You can also zoom in and rotate your video files, which can help you identify the areas that need editing. By adding music and your voice to your projects, you can give them a personal touch, show your vocal warmth, and thus make a connection with your viewers. FlexClip empowers you to combine multiple video clips and photos. It also has one of the richest libraries of free videos, images, and audio files that you can use in your projects. Make your video more engaging with various text animations, overlays, widgets, and other elements.

#6 Kizoa

Kizoa is a new online video editor that has already won multiple admirers. This efficient app features a touch-friendly interface, so you won’t experience any difficulty while using it. You can quickly put together a juicy, eye-catching, and extremely fun video project from scratch or use one of hundreds of templates available for free. Add engaging captions, stickers, and GIFs. Combine several videos into collages or make fun slideshows, which is a timeless classic. You can also trip and choose the desired aspect ratio for your videos.

#7 Animaker

Animaker, a do-it-yourself video making app, will help you bring more flavor to your videos. Create your own videos using custom templates and spice them up with animations and fun sounds. You can create your own animated character to suit the purpose of your video and your target audience. Let your character speak your voice and do this quite realistically with the auto-sync feature.

#8 Motionden

Motionden provides you with the chance to create engaging videos in the blink of an eye. You won’t need to tinker with installing dedicated software and figure out how to use this or that editing feature. Mationden has done the most difficult job for you. You just need to pick the video template that suits your needs and customize it in your browser. Make slideshows using your own photos and footage, create effective promotional videos, and put together animated explainer videos with Motionden. You can also impress your viewers with breathtaking vertical videos, commercials, presentations, and corporate videos.

#9 WeVideo

WeVideo is the online video editor that runs in the cloud and enables you to capture, create, and edit your movies in the browser. You can record a screencast video for tutorials, add motion titles and voiceover to your videos. Other noteworthy features include multi-track editing, slow motion, storyboards tools, built-in graphics, advanced text editing, file and media manager. With WeVideo you can quickly share project files and video assets. You can also directly import videos from Google Drive, DropBox, and social media.

#10 Movie Maker Online

As its very name suggests, Movie Maker Online helps users create and edit their movies online. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive, efficient, and absolutely free. You can upload video files from various devices and online resources and choose the editing technique. You can trim, crop, rotate, merge, reverse, and blur your videos. Add effective backgrounds, transitions, video and sound effects to your movies. All that remains is to choose the desired format and save the new video file.

By: Samantha Stone