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Blended Learning & Your Classroom: An Introduction

If you’re of a certain age, most of your formal education probably took place in a traditional classroom. Desks in rows filled the space, while a teacher stood at the front offering information, exercises, and lecture notes using various tools such as a chalkboard and overhead projector.

Times have certainly changed, that’s for sure. Even in what are considered “traditional” classrooms, students are finding more technology tools to guide them through integrated learning sequences. Some students are taking their school time to the next step with what’s called blended learning.

In a nutshell, blended learning combines face-to-face hours with a teacher with digital content. The goal is to personalize academic pursuits with flexible options that allow the classroom to be less about walls than it is about overall educational goals.

Blended learning offers some of the same steps as a traditional classroom—prep, class, and follow-up time for teachers, for example. It also requires some serious planning and forethought to improve its success and reach. If you’ve never heard of blended learning or want to learn more, use this graphic.


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