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Cybersecurity for Web Designers and Developers

By: Dennis Hamming, January 12, 2021 The internet has been providing users with entertainment, information, news, and sometimes just bizarre websites for decades now. It was once the domain of amateur website designers knocking out Geocities websites full of tacky GIFs and terrible soundtracks. These days the internet is used by the biggest companies in the world to transfer vast ...

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5 Top Educational Technology Trends For 2021

By: Jessica Fender – January 12, 2021 The year behind us was a life-changing one. The COVID-19 pandemic managed to get into every single sphere of our lives and introduce changes we weren’t expecting. That includes education as well. Thanks to the unexpected events in 2020, we’re more prepared to embrace changes in educational technology in 2021. This is why ...

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Best Online Video Editing Software 2020

In the Digital Age, video editors have become indispensable tools that help people pave their way towards success and recognition. Now that countless users have high-end devices capable of HD and even 4K video recording, creating eye-popping video projects is easier than ever. And the availability of top-notch video making and editing apps enables nonprofessional users like beginner YouTubers, bloggers, ...

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What to Keep in Mind when Purchasing Instrumentals Online

If you’re a musician, you’ll know that coming up with beats isn’t as easy as it sounds. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, and creativity. Any big producer will tell you that they spend more time thinking about the instrumentals than other parts of music production. Therefore, if you’re a new musician, you’ll need to work extra hard ...

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