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The Apps That Are The New Craze

By: Sia Hasan Looking back on 2017, it was an exciting year in the world of mobile apps. As smartphone and tablet technology continues to advance with each device generation –- through faster processors, bigger storage options and better graphics abilities as well as improving wireless coverage and data speeds –- app creators and innovators are keeping apace by pushing ...

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Top 5 tricks in Excel that will make your life easier

Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet program, developed by Microsoft, which is supported by all the modern operating systems: macOS, Android, Windows and iOS. Moreover, it has a wide range of features: pivot tables, calculating, graphics tools as well as Visual Basic – a macro language for programming. The Microsoft creates updating for this program on regular basis that ...

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Top 5 Tips for Students-Bloggers


During the past several years the world of blogging has developed very significantly and has gained popularity in many countries. People spend a big amount of their time on the Internet. Anybody who has such a wish can write a blog on any theme he chooses and considers himself an expert in. Speaking about the global blogosphere, blog writing is ...

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In Need of Security: Why Teachers Should Navigate the COPPA Rules

By: Joshua Robinson The importance of children’s safety on the web can hardly be overestimated. Online Privacy Protection Act is aimed to regulate this pupils’ performance on the Web, but before it came to the successful realization of the initial intention, it brings more and more issues to the surface. Unfortunately, mudding the water is an obligatory part of any reform. ...

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Security 101: How To Improve Your Online Safety With These Tips

The internet has become a crucial part of everyday life. Almost everything, including work, study, shopping, socializing, dating, and a magnitude of other activities, can be done online. This makes your online security paramount. Read on, to discover some simple and effective tips, to maximize your defenses.   Fend Off Attacks With Antivirus Software This is crucial to protect your ...

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