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TPACK and You – Part 1: An Overview

This blog is the first in a series that will discuss TPACK and offer ideas for using it. With these blogs, my goal is to capture teachers, researchers, and instructional coaches in a discussion that uses TPACK as a platform for effective classroom teaching. In this post, I offer information about TPACK’s background with the purpose of building a foundational ...

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The Missing Link: Training the Teachers to Use Tablet Technology

Being in the field of educational apps is exciting and I continually learn new facts. However, one of the most alarming ones that I am finding is how teachers learn about tablets and educational apps. In a 2014 report by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they surveyed over 3,100 teachers and found that teachers learn about instructional technology “primarily ...

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Toddlers and Tablets: Oh My!

Early learning is being influenced by technology in similar ways that PreK-12 and higher education are. The key, however, is that the ways in which we use technology with our youngest learners has to support them in their development into becoming a fully rounded person, and a clear delineation between what is educational versus what is entertaining must be considered. ...

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Mix & Match: Using Apps in Concert with Web-Based Tools

By: Alex Fegely I work in a school where all our students are provided tablets by the district. This has forced my teaching to evolve into the realm of educational apps. However, although apps are engaging and offer compartmentalized learning opportunities, they are not standalone resources. Instead, I have come to understand that apps are even more powerful when packaged ...

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