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5 Apps Parents Can Use to Limit Screen Time

An excess of time spent playing with screened toys can negatively impact children, but it’s hard to avoid the fact that many of the devices and games seen as trendy and exciting include screens. There’s no reason kids need to be deprived of the fun entirely, but setting wise limits helps to be sure that they’re not shirking other activities ...

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COVID-19 moved these businesses and industries online

One cannot even begin to summarise just how much we have lost during COVID-19, whether it’s lives, livelihoods and any semblance of our normal routine – times are a-changing. The business landscape is unrecognisable to what it once was, but there have been some who have turned this adversity into opportunity by leveraging online channels and DreamWalk Apps. In an ...

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Benefits of Children Learning to Play Music

It is more relevant than ever how your child spends the day. Well, just because the world is dealing with a pandemic doesn’t mean children cannot have fun and excitement in life. In fact, childhood experiences as to how your child grows and learns are decisive factors for the adolescence. Whether its physical, emotional, or mental, learning to play music ...

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Essential Things You Need To Learn To Develop Health Apps

Mobile health applications or mHealth apps are becoming a trend nowadays. It’s not a surprise to finally see the health industry on the playing field with the continuous rise of mobile users’ web traffic shares. Health app development is actually the process by which an application is built for mobile devices. Its main goal is usually to help users manage ...

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Best Apps for Singers in 2020

music apps

By: Liam Flynn (posted April 28, 2020) Some people are naturally gifted with incredible voices. Others must work pretty hard to be able to sing even adequately. While lots of people believe they cannot sing, it’s usually not true. Unless you are totally tone deaf, you can sing — you just need to develop the muscular and vocal control that ...

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