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4 Productivity Tools to Improve Your Student’s Performance

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By: Katrina McKinnon (January 30, 2020) If your students have a little trouble adjusting in class after the festive season, you can help them get their groove back quickly. Like freelancers, students often suffer from bouts of unproductivity and unbridled procrastination. We have come up with four great productivity tools used by freelancers that can help your students to stay ...

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How Workforce Management Can Change Higher Education

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The higher education sector is one of the most vital institutions of learning in any country. It is responsible for awarding associate’s degrees to doctorates. Apart from that, these institutions are centers that facilitate research, hence making the world advance technologically in all sectors, be it agriculture, sports, or trade. At universities and colleges, most students are an inch closer ...

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3 Surefire Ways of Protecting Kids from Online Threats

most dangerous apps for kids

By Julian Smith (December 20, 2019) With advanced technology, electronic gadgets have since become part of our everyday life. As such, most kids use them to surf the internet or play their favorite games. For this reason, most parents are soliciting ways to ensure internet safety for kids. Luckily, there are various methods of ensuring your kid’s online safety. Educate ...

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Top 6 Most Fun Apps For Students In 2019

Apps are designed to make learning easier. However, learning should also be fun other than a mechanical search for answers. Apps provide homework assistance, but other developers have made learning fun. A fun learning environment makes ideas easier to understand. Fun learning sessions are memorable when you get to the exam room or test. It will make time for learning ...

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5 Best Writing Assisting Apps for Students

By Cath Jenkins (November 22, 2019) As you join college, the one thing you can be sure of is that there will be a lot of writing involved. You get at least one assignment each week that requires you to write an essay. Familiarizing yourself with online writing tools ensure you have a smooth learning experience. As a freshman, you ...

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