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Patriot Newspaper – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will enrich student knowledge and understanding on importance events that molded the United States to what it is today. Instructional Objective: Students will be able to describe and identify key events and people that contributed to the beginning of the United States. Step 1: Students will analyze the events of the American Revolution on the American Revolution Interactive ...

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Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop Spanish students’ vocabulary word and speaking skills. Instructional Objective: Students will watch instructional videos, create flashcards, practice speaking, and then submit audio recordings of themselves speaking Spanish words and phrases with their English translations. Step 1: Students will use the YouTube app to watch instructional videos on how to have a conversation with someone in Spanish. ...

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Time to Explore Geometry! – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop math students’ geometry skills in understanding how to cut complex shapes into simple shapes before adding their areas together. Instructional Objective: Students will use three different applications to explore the composition of shapes, draw shapes on their own, and create flash cards to review at home or with each other. Step 1: Students will use the ...

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop elementary students’ understanding of animals and how they live in their environment. Instructional Objective: Students will learn about different animals and their habitats, observe wildlife outside their classroom, and then create presentations to show what they learned. Step 1: Students will have the opportunity to choose any animal on WWF Together. They will record a few ...

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You as a Fitness Instructor – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop physical education students’ exercise understanding. Instructional Objective: Students will brainstorm and then create a workout plan to participate in with their friends or family. Step 1: Students will use the Simple Mind app to brainstorm why fitness is important along with workout plan ideas. Step 2: Students will pick 5 workouts from the 7 Minute Workout app ...

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