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How Workforce Management Can Change Higher Education

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The higher education sector is one of the most vital institutions of learning in any country. It is responsible for awarding associate’s degrees to doctorates. Apart from that, these institutions are centers that facilitate research, hence making the world advance technologically in all sectors, be it agriculture, sports, or trade. At universities and colleges, most students are an inch closer ...

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3 Surefire Ways of Protecting Kids from Online Threats

most dangerous apps for kids

By Julian Smith (December 20, 2019) With advanced technology, electronic gadgets have since become part of our everyday life. As such, most kids use them to surf the internet or play their favorite games. For this reason, most parents are soliciting ways to ensure internet safety for kids. Luckily, there are various methods of ensuring your kid’s online safety. Educate ...

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Three Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Education

By: James Herrin (Posted on November 20, 2019) Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all the rage nowadays. They have entered nearly all facets of our lives and are there to stay. Education is no exception. While the implementation of AI is yet to be perfected, many leading technological nations such as China seek to increase its presence in their ...

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11 Things You’ll Only Know If You Had A Mobile In the 90’s

In today’s modern world it seems like everyone owns a phone, each with varying degrees of quality. But it’s easy to forget how far things have come; the original iPhone didn’t exist just 12 years ago, and before the 1990’s, mobiles were a huge financial investment. It was the 90’s, though, that really brought the wonders of the affordable mobile ...

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How Much Does an App Cost

This might come out as a TLDR moment, but in reality, there’s no fixed price in developing a mobile app, it can range from being free to costing up to thousands or even millions of dollars. But the question: “How much does it cost to build an app? has been one of the most common question app developers always get ...

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