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Why More Companies Are Offering Employees Learning and Development Programs

With the Great Resignation threatening employee retainment, it is important to look into the factors that get employees to stay. More companies are realizing how education doesn’t simply end at graduation, but is a continuous human experience. In fact, HRExecutive’s article on neutralizing the Great Resignation highlights how almost 50% of American workers would consider staying at a company if their employer ...

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Hidden Monterey features you need to try right away

MacBooks are one of the most prized machines because of their high-end performance and fantastic features that make way for enhanced workflow. The usual glitches do not plague Macs complained about by Windows users, such as bloatware, viruses, or late upgrades. On the other hand, there are several macOS versions because Apple makes it a point to update the OS ...

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What is SAP for logistics?

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In the last three decades, globalization and digitalization have changed the way of doing business drastically. It has helped companies irrelevant of their size on both sides of the supply chain. Gone are the days of manufacturers relying only on local suppliers or a phone book to find raw materials suppliers to make finished products. With a few clicks, they ...

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4 SaaS Business Expansion Tips

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Success is the main reason anyone starts a business, especially in the SaaS industry. Making money is one milestone – growing a business is another. There are many reasons for growing a business, with some company leaders simply looking to sell up. If this sounds familiar, you should know that there are a series of metrics you need to track ...

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