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What Are DOCX And DOC Files?

A general explanation of DOCX files Let’s have a look at a full description of DOCX files. DOCX is a special file which has been created by using Microsoft Word. You can create DOCX files using other Word Processing applications and programs such as Apple Pages and OpenOffice. As a rule, DOCX documents include a formatted text. Also, such files ...

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Playing Two Videos Side By Side Using Movavi Video Editor

Have you seen some videos that are split in the middle with two separate videos playing at the same time? Playing two videos side by side is actually a fairly interesting technique that is not only visually impressive but also useful for showing different perspectives simultaneously. Although you may feel that using a split-screen effect is beyond your editing skills, ...

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The Best Apps on the Market to Help with Virus Removal

Computer viruses and malware have continued to plague devices since their                                           conception in 1949. What began as a self-replicating program that was established mainly just to produce a large collection of viruses, has been developed into a gaming programs and other ...

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Can Apps Help You Avoid Accidents in Life?

In this age of modern technology, our mobile devices have become incredibly powerful. Aside from keeping us in touch with friends and family, mobile phones can now be used for other important purposes as well. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices give us so much that we now find it difficult to be away from them. As helpful as mobile ...

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