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Can Apps Help You Avoid Accidents in Life?

In this age of modern technology, our mobile devices have become incredibly powerful. Aside from keeping us in touch with friends and family, mobile phones can now be used for other important purposes as well. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices give us so much that we now find it difficult to be away from them.

As helpful as mobile apps can be, they can also be a distraction. They can eat up a lot of your time and keep you from doing important things such as your job, finishing your projects, studying lessons, etc. Mobile apps, too, can lead to mishaps or accidents, especially if you are driving.

Apps That Can Help Prevent Accidents

Distracted driving caused by mobile devices is responsible for 1.6 million crashes each year. You don’t really want to use your smartphone or other mobile device while you are on the road. Fortunately, there are now mobile apps that can help you prevent crashes and mishaps while driving. Here are some of them.

1. LifeSaver

This is a mobile app that uses GPS monitoring to prevent drivers from practicing bad driving habits while on the road. LifeSaver automatically blocks your phone and render it unusable once it detects that you are driving. It also automatically alerts your loved ones once you’ve safely arrived at your destination.

The app also features what is called the “Driver Portal” dashboard, where you can guide your teens as they learn to drive and develop responsible and safe driving habits.

LifeSaver can also be used by businesses to help them monitor their truck drivers when they hit the road. LifeSaver will deter you from using your phone while on the road and reduce your chances of getting involved in a crash.

2. Drive First by Sprint

Here is an exclusive mobile app developed by Sprint to help drivers avoid accidents on the road. Drive First aims to deter you from distracted driving and get you to put all your focus on your driving and the road.

  • Drive First can detect when you are driving. Once it detects that you’re driving, it will automatically disable some of your phone’s functionality.
  • The app will lock the screen of your phone and direct all incoming calls to voicemail. The app, however, will leave you access to three important contacts in case of emergency, as well as three mobile apps for music apps or GPS navigation apps to help you with your driving.
  • Drive First blocks your text message alerts and uses auto-respond to let the sender know that you are currently unavailable.

If you are a Sprint user, you might as well try this exclusive safe driving app to help you avoid accidents while on the road.

3. DriveSafe.ly

If you can’t help but get worried about your texts and emails while on the road, DriveSafe.ly will allow you to read your text messages and emails aloud, and respond to them without having to touch your phone. DriveSafe.ly uses Bluetooth connection to connect to your car’s speaker so it can read your texts and emails aloud.

The app also features auto-reply where you can automatically respond to incoming texts or emails and let your contacts know that you are currently unavailable. You will find DriveSafe.ly incredibly useful when you are on the road, as it allows you to stay connected to your contacts as you safely drive to your destination. With the app’s features, you no longer need to pick up your phone every time you receive a text message or email and you can be more focused on the road and on your driving instead.

4. FleetSafer

An exclusive mobile app developed for commercial fleets. FleetSafer can lock your phone automatically when you are driving. The app also features auto-respond to incoming texts and emails.

If you have a commercial fleet, you must require all of your drivers to download and install FleetSafer on their phones. These will help them avoid accidents caused by distracted driving. FleetSafer is also customizable which means you use it to enforce your company’s distracted driving policies to your drivers and encourage them to drive more responsibly while on the road.

Apps That Can Make All the Difference for Your Safety

The apps mentioned above are readily available for all mobile devices. Also, these apps can now help track, analyze, and report bad driving habits. These apps are able to record your driving habits and assess them to see if they are appropriate or not. So the next time you hop in into your car, the app will tell you how to drive properly, and reduce your risk of getting involved in a crash.

As more and more apps are being developed, more interesting features will be added to better help drivers avoid accidents on the road. Drivers will not only be able to prevent distracted driving accidents but other types of accidents as well. So apps can definitely help you avoid accidents. They can and will help you avoid accidents such as those involving a pedestrian by helping you become a more responsible driver on the road.

Thus if you’re looking to educate yourself on the legal aspects of pedestrian accidents, you may click here to gain more knowledge on this subject.

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