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6 – 8

Striking Accuracy – App Lesson

Problem Statement: Is kicking with the inside, outside, or the top of the foot more accurate for hitting a target from 15 yards?   Students write a hypothesis.   Step 1: Students will get into groups and practice kicking a ball and striking a target on a wall from 20 yards away. The groups will be formed by typing students’ ...

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Cell Discovery – App Lesson

Problem Statement: What is the difference between plant, animal, and bacteria cells?   Students write a hypothesis.   Step 1: Students will be introduced to cells and their functions by playing Cell Explorer: Animal Cell. There are different levels and objectives in this game, so students can work at their own pace. This game introduces students to what cells are ...

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Let’s Get Physical! – App Lesson

Problem Statement: How many of the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity and 10,000 steps do you get each day?   Students write a hypothesis.   Step 1: Students will use Fitbit to keep track of the steps they are taking each day.   Step 2: Students will use Evernote to keep a journal of their steps and physical activity ...

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Patriot Newspaper – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will enrich student knowledge and understanding on importance events that molded the United States to what it is today. Instructional Objective: Students will be able to describe and identify key events and people that contributed to the beginning of the United States. Step 1: Students will analyze the events of the American Revolution on the American Revolution Interactive ...

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Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop Spanish students’ vocabulary word and speaking skills. Instructional Objective: Students will watch instructional videos, create flashcards, practice speaking, and then submit audio recordings of themselves speaking Spanish words and phrases with their English translations. Step 1: Students will use the YouTube app to watch instructional videos on how to have a conversation with someone in Spanish. ...

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